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The Twitter Dictionary

New technology allows us to invent new words.  Here are some of mine for Twitter.

Twitterhunt: verb and noun; when you find yourself at the end of a rant and you have to hunt through someone’s timeline to find the beginning so you understand just what they are ranting about.

Example: When I stumble upon Maureen Johnson in mid rant, I have to go on a Twitterhunt to find out what she is ranting about.   I Twitterhunted all through it before I finally found the beginning.

Twitterjack: verb, when you stumble across and interesting conversation on Twitter and you just have to add your two cents.

Adjective: When I read their discussion about one of my favorite books, I had to Twitterjack so I could tell them what I thought.

Twitterpated; adjective; that feeling you get when someone you admire RTs your Tweet or indicates that you have said or done something cool.

Example: When A. S. King reteweeted me, I got all Twitterpated.

Tweetstalk: verb; following someone you admire in a totally non scary but yeah stalkerish way.

Example: Why yes I do in fact Tweetstalk Sean Beaudoin and Danile Kraus, because they have a lot of cool things to say.

Tweetrant: noun; a serial list of Tweets where a person rants about a topic.

Example: Did you read Maureen Johnson’s Tweetrant about the New York Times article? She made some valid points.

Please add to the Twitter dictionary in the comments.  I know you have some of your own Twittervocab to share!


  1. i think adding new words like that are a bit annoying cus its just stupid cases of Neologism (making up new words) for the sake of it.

    however, i don't go out and buy the new dictionary every year and i'm not protective over the dictionary…so i don't really mind.

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