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Take 5: More Duct Tape Craft Awesomeness (Duct Tape Crafts, part 2)

Earlier this year, I put together for a Pop-Up/Mobile Makerspace.  Two of them actually.  One is LEGO based and one is Duct/Duck Tape based.  It had to be mobile because we have a small physical space and we needed to be able to pull it out and put it away so it wasn’t hogging up the precious little floor space we had.  I chose duct tape because it is hands down the most popular craft program I have going right now.   In fact, my Tween and her friends can frequently be found in her bedroom doing a variety of duct tape crafts.  The best part is that my Makerspace is adaptable, if I ever need to I can replace my duct tape with some newer format.

Make your own garland and flower pots

Duct Tape Garland instructions at Vintage Revivals

 Although you can in fact make a huge variety of objects out of nothing but duct tape, you can also use duct tape to transform the every day objects around your home and make them unique to your space.  You can buy flower powers (cheap!) at the craft store and cover all or parts of them to create original flower pots.  You don’t even have to just use them for flowers, they can be pencil holders and organizers as well.

Duct Tape Wall Art

I recently hosted a teen program called “Renovate Your Room” where we discussed ways that teens could do quick, easy and – most importantly – inexpensive remodels of their room.  You can buy blank canvases at the local craft store and use duct tape to create designs on them.  Stripes, polka dots – or if you have the skill, get elaborate.

Duct Tape Topiaries

Find instructions here

This is the perfect Halloween decoration.  But think outside the box: just by changing the colors you can change the theme.

Duct Tape Nyan Cat

Earlier we shared with you how you could make a Nyan Cat out of Post-It-Notes.  Surprise! You can do it (or any fun logo, graphic, mascot, etc) out of duct tape as well.

50! 50 Duct Tape Crafts

The title kind of says it all.  Here are 50 more crafts you can make out of duct tape.

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