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TPiB: International Game Day 2013

November 16 is International Game Day, and even though it’s a Saturday, I LOVE Gaming Day and even more important, my KIDS love gaming day. We are a small library, yet I turn the back part of my library into gaming central for four hours (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) on this day and we have a blast with tabletop (board- I use tabletop to help with confusion with those who are learning English) and console gaming.

I’ve signed up for International Game Day, and already the games and emails about how to join the group games (Mario Kart online tournaments, etc) are coming in. I came in Monday, November 4 to find these presents waiting in my office:

 If you aren’t signed up for International Game Day, or signed up too late to receive the free games (or if the free games won’t work for your community- which happens sometimes), then use what you have available! Ask your staff and see if someone has Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Candy Land, Life, Uno- you’d be surprised what kids in your area are and aren’t familiar with.

If you have a console gaming setup or know someone willing to let your borrow one (a Wii, PS3, XBox, Game Cube, Playstation), hook it up to a TV and set up a free play station with a four player game! Mine love Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart racing, any version of the Lego games, Just Dance, Naruto,Little Big Planet, and DC vs Mortal Kombat. Just be aware that whatever game(s) you go with are appropriate for the area, and that someone is overseeing the station so that the tweens and teens are sharing.

You also can have a movie marathon devoted to gaming. Movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Tron: Legacy, Hackers, Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Brothers are all gaming based movies and covered by Movie Licensing USA.

 What are your plans for Game Day? Share in the comments!


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