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TPiB: Self Directed Game Day Contest

International Games Day is November 16, and it is a wonderful way to get tweens and teens involved in the library. I’ve put together a neat self-directed contest to get them interested in the program that we’re having that Saturday, and also to get them involved in the library itself.
First, I took a simple shadow box that I got at Michael’s. You could easily get one at Hobby Lobby, a big box store, or any craft store- Michael’s is just an approved vendor for my system, and they have let me loose with a city credit card and a budget!
Next, I used the promotional materials from the International Games Day site to create a flyer (both poster sized and small enough to fit inside my shadow box) advertising the program.

Finally, I added in some of the odd pieces from games that had been left over during the year to create my contest, and placed them inside the shadow box. Those attempting the contest have to name ALL the games that are featured inside the box in order to win, and there are 8 games featured.

Can you guess all 8 games?
They are now on display, and then once I get a chance, game based books (like Cory Doctorow’s For the Win and Game by Barry Lyga) will be placed on display around the contest area. My self directed display contest will start November 4, and continue through November 13, with winners (if any) being announced November 14.

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