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12 Blogs of Christmas: Book Blather

This is Heather’s final blog in the 12 blogs of Christmas, and it is Blog #6: BookBlather

I met Drea of BookBlather briefly at ALA this summer and she brings the same energy and perceptiveness to her blog as she did when wrangling a slew of teens into the city and up onto the dais at BFYA.  You’ll find reviews and program ideas on Book Blather, and I especially love her program writeups.  You will never need to guess at the cost, timing, or potential pitfalls of a program if you follow Drea’s tutorials, and you’ll get some darn cool ideas too.  Keep Book Blather on your radar.  New posts don’t pop up every week, but when they do, they’re certainly worth waiting for.

5 Posts to Look Into

Teen Program: Book Hedgehogs
Summer Reading: Did It Work?
Teen Program: Gooey Creations
Mock the Movie: Labyrinth
Teen Program: Stop Motion Lab


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