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12 Blogs of Christmas: Diane Ravitch’s Blog

A someone involved in the school system, Robin is very interested in the topic of education.  We have a lot of behind the scenes discussions about what is happening in education, and post frequently about how our schools and our world are failing our kids.  In fact, just last week Christie went on a tear about how we our failing our kids.  So it is no surprise to be that one of Robin’s blogs has an education focus.
“A site to discuss better education for all.” 

You may recognize her from her appearances on The Daily Show with John Stewart. Diane Ravitch is a professor at NYU and author of multiple books – and one of the sanest contemporary voices on the state of public education. Her blog is invaluable to those of us who wish to stay current with the public education debate and educate ourselves on priority talking points. Her links to other articles are well worth following.


5 Posts to Check Out:

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Poverty Influences Brain Development in Children
U. S. Has a Poverty Crisis, Not a School Crisis
Can Schools End Poverty?
Dasani: The New York Times Should Win a Pulitzer Prize for This Powerful Series

– Robin

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