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12 Blogs of Christmas: Go Book Yourself

“I read and loved The Hunger Games, what else do you have like that?” Reader’s Advisory! It’s the heart of what we do.  If a teen comes in and asks me this question, I will jump over the desk in an attempt to get 10 more books in their hands.  But the truth is, sometimes I just don’t know.  I haven’t read the book.  Hey, it happens.  I can’t read everything!  But there is a blog for that!

Blog #2: Go Book Yourself!

Go Book Yourself is, once again, technically a Tumblr that is devoted to RA.  It gives you one title and recommends 4 more that you may like.  And it is very visual, which gets bonus points in my book.  It covers more than just YA, but it does have an easy access YA button you can choose to get only the YA posts.  But let’s not kid ourselves, teens read adult fiction too.  Go Book Yourself has appeared on several posts about Tumblrs for book lovers recently, including over at Buzzfeed.

The posts end up looking something like this; this is a screen shot of their Top 5 YA Novels of 2013 (out of 34 that they read).  Then there is a brief description of each book in the text below the graphic.

The posts are easy to share, making this is a great tool.  And sometimes they put together books that I wouldn’t think to recommend (and sometimes I don’t agree with, but that’s just me).  It’s also a good reminder that we can be using the digital tools available to us to be doing fast, easy and VISUAL reader’s advisory with our teens.

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