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12 Blogs of Christmas: Hi Miss Julie (Heather)

Blog #4: Hi Miss Julie

We spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a librarian serving young people.  At least I do.  I think about how my work life may be different from others in my profession because of my gender and the demographic I serve.  I think about how we are perceived, how it could change, and if it matters.  And so does Julie.  Though Julie Jurgens works with a younger group than many of the TLT readership does on a regular basis, her blog is still great, even essential reading.  First, those little kids will, if we’re lucky, become our teen users before you know it.  It’s important for us to understand what’s happening with youth services so that we can understand the library environment in which our teens grew up.  Second, Julie is a great writer and is really able to pinpoint some of the big issues facing our profession, specifically women in our profession, and discuss them eloquently, pointedly, and in a way that encourages rather than shutting down conversation.  Read Hi Miss Julie.



  1. I just discovered Julie the other day when I was researching why librarians and parents really dislike Summer Reading. Her post was honest, so true, and funny!

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