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12 Blogs of Christmas: Justin the Librarian

I love reading about all the wonderful, inventive stuff other libraries are doing, and dreaming about what I could do if I had their money. (Dear Santa, please give me an unlimited black American Express and send the bill to some gazillionare who won’t care). One of my favorite librarians to follow (working at one of the libraries that are doing awesome things, and I don’t say that just because I know one of them) is Justin The Librarian.


I love how he’s not only talking about the wonderful makerspace stuff that they’re doing, but showing us HOW he’s doing it- sharing the actual CODE for the tweeting bear (hey, when I get my Pi’s in, can my dinosaur be tweet buddies with your bear?). Additionally, he shows day-in-the-life posts not only of his family but of the library as well

– Christie


  1. Thank you for the love! This was so kind of you! Keep on being awesome.

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