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12 Blogs of Christmas: Make It At Your Library

Blog #5: Make It @ Your Library

All I really feel like I have to say about Make It @ Your Library is… how freaking cool is that?!  I swear these people are listening to my thoughts.  How many times have you said, “I need a list of maker programs that take about an hour. I can’t sift through pages of these elaborate Pinterest ideas — just give me the stuff that actually works.  And I want to sort it by cost and theme and skill level and mess level and age range too. And no floofy graphics, just simple, easy to access information.”  All the time, right?  Well, folks, they can hear us!

Here are 5 to try ASAP:
DIY Smartphone Film Scanner
Lego Picture Creator (a great tie-in with Karen’s Lego Mobile Makerspace)
Inverted Bookshelp
Make Your Own Flea Circus (a great tie in with a Tiny Food Party)
Solar Powered Robot from Trash


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