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TPIB: Divergent Faction Themed Rainbow Loom & Bottle Cap Charm Bracelets and Necklaces

I spent the weekend learning to make fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelets with my tween, in part because we are making Divergent faction bracelets at my upcoming program for the movie release party. Also, because I am a mom that rocks.  I decided to add bottle cap charms to give it that extra touch.  Here’s what I learned . . .

All you need to make a Fishtail Bracelet is these, not the whole loom.  The little blue part removes to be your “mini loom” and the hook is, well, a hook. You can get 15 at $3.65 a piece for $54.75. 
For the bands for Divergent factions, you need the following color bands

Black (for both Dauntless and Candor)
White (for Candor)
Blue (for Erudite)
Grey (for Abnegation)
Red and Yellow (for Amity)
The faction colors are (based on the clothing described in the books):
Abnegation (The Selfless) – solid grey
Erudite (The Intelligent) – 1 blue article, the other colors don’t matter
Dauntless (The Brave) – all black
Amity (The Peaceful) – red and yellow
Candor (The Honest) – black and white

The fishtail is actually pretty easy to make. You can find a tutorial here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukv83Cvq3jk]

Once we figured it out we made a ton.  They are very easy to do so you can socialize while looming. 

Faction Symbol Bottle Cap Charms

Teen participants can find out what faction they are by taking a faction quiz at Divergent Fans.
You can also make faction symbol bottle cap charms and add them to necklaces using an O ring. Simply print out 1 inch faction symbols.  You can make these in Microsoft Publisher by using the “Insert Shape” function.  Size your circles to 1 inch and use the picture fill function (tutorial here).
You can make bottle cap crafts easily using this tutorial.  Bottle caps are available at a very reasonable prize from Oriental Trading, I recommend using the flattened bottle caps for this project because you need a surface to punch a hole for the O ring.  I bought the 1 inch epoxy dots off of Amazon because it is so much easier than trying to use real epoxy glue, less messy and no drying time. 
Before you assemble your bottle cap, you need to use a jewelry punch to put a whole in your bottle cap so that you can add the O ring to attach your battle cap to your bracelet. 

An extra note: We made some bracelets but found that we liked making our fishtail creation longer and using it as a necklace actually.  The charms worked on the bracelet, but they could get in the way.

Also, you can use this tutorial to make any type of Rainbow Loom/Bottle Cap Charm crafts.  Duct Tape works really well if you don’t want to make your own circle inserts for the bottle cap charms.  On the left we used Duct Tape and on the right we made Sherlock themed bottle cap charms as well.


  1. This is a great craft–I love the idea of adding bottlecap charms to the bracelets. Just a note for the tightly-budgeted out there: A disposable plastic fork will work just fine for making fishtail bracelets. All you have to do is break off the middle two tines!

    –A Super-Cheap Librarian

  2. The fork is a great idea. I have heard you can do it with popsicle sticks but it seems like it would be hard to keep them both steady & straight. The fork would definitely solve that problem. Thanks for the cool tip! Karen

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