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Tween Book Review: I’d Tell You That I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

This book is about a girl named Cammie Morgan. She goes to a school called the Gallagher Academy. I know your probably thinking so a school for stuck up snobs. Whoo hoo!?! But this is not a ordinary school. No this is a school for SPIES! (The school is only for girls.) Her teacher sends Cammie and her friends on a mission to get ready to be a spy. Like a full on cool spy. But while on the mission she meets a boy. Things change. She starts sneaking around, friends get fed up with covering for her. Will the boy find out she is a spy and goes to a spy school? Will her friends forgive? Find out in I’d Tell You I love You but Then I’d Have to Kill You.

This book is recommended for ages 10-16 year olds. This review is based on the opinion of Ceci, who really loves this series and thinks everyone should read it. This review is written by Ceci. 

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  1. I Loved this book and the series!

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