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Tweens and Teens Making a Difference

It’s easy to look at kids today and think they are so much different than we were.  You’ll hear it a lot in the press: they are entitled, they are spoiled, they are lazy.  But the truth is, there are kids out there doing amazing things and fighting to make the world a better place.  They may be more plugged in, but they are still full of heart.

Ceci is our sometimes book reviewer for Middle Grade Fiction.  She is a HUGE reader, and she plays field hockey.  She is not the type of girl you see a lot in the media and in the dolls that line store shelves.  So she decided she wanted to do something for girls like her and has started a campaign to ask American Girls to make a Field Hockey playing doll.

Here is her letter . . .

Here are some more examples of Kids, Tweens and Teens in Action

10-Year-Old Girl Petititions American Girl to Make a Disabled Doll

Teen Girls Petitions Disney to Make a Plus Sized Princess

7-year-old Girl Writes Letter to Lego Asking Why There Aren’t More Girl Mini-Figures

14-Year-Old Debates Kevin O’Leary on GMOs

These are just a handful of examples of the very motivated, passionate, and compassionate kids that are out there doing amazing things.


  1. Love it! A sporty doll would be perfect

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