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It’s no secret that I adore book based movies. (Really, who doesn’t?) I’ve gone opening night to both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and I saw Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I really liked Beautiful Creatures (once I let go of the fact that it was based on the book). I’ve seen both Percy Jackson movies (I like the second better than the first, and will admit that I read the series AFTER the movies). I yelled in theaters at some of the changes they did to the Harry Potter movies. I did miss Vampire Academy, but that was more my schedule than anything else.

And I love hearing that a book is being picked up for a movie, so when they’re picked up BEFORE they’re even released, it’s even better! And we at Teen Librarian Toolbox are sharing our excitement with you! I have ARCs of TWO books that have been optioned to Hollywood, and you get your chance to win them before SCRIPTS are even made.

Are you ready?

SO, to win, mention in the COMMENTS your FAVORITE book based movie and WHY, along with a contact (email or twitter address). One winner will be randomly selected to receive BOTH ARCs. Giveaway ends Saturday, April 5 (International Tabletop Gaming Day, BTW).


  1. Old school, and maybe a little cliche, but I love Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Probably my favorite book of all time, and the one I go to when I need a fun, magical diversion. It's a pure escape into an amazing fantasy world. And the movie gave visuals to that! I love it so much because I can literally put it on anytime and feel instantly better, even if I'm just using it as background noise! jancee.wright@hotmail.com

  2. Ok, mine is also cliche, but hands down has to be The Lord of the Rings. Yes, I know they changed some stuff, but the shear scope and amount of detail they put into it totally makes up for anything that got left out. I think they definitely stayed true to the spirit of Tolkien's story, and I love that many lines from the actual book made it into the movie in various ways. I have the extended editions and still watch marathon sessions, with commentary. irmslib@gmail.com

  3. Oops, meant sheer.

  4. Why do you give us such difficult questions?! Since two of my favorites have been taken, I have to say I really enjoyed The Princess Diaries. I'm not a huge Anne Hathaway fan, but it was a cute movie that had the perfect amount of humor to go with the book. ngrl.librarian@gmail.com

  5. would have to be the city of ember because w r huge scifi/fantasy readers in this house. great book and great movie!
    annsavd at gmail dot com

  6. It has to be Harry Potter. I think that's the only adaptation that I've loved as much as the books. They're still different, of course, but I love them equally.

    You can contact me on Twitter @Dani_Nguyen

  7. The Princess Bride

    talesfromtheteenzone@gmail.com or @ksheawes

  8. Anonymous says

    Harry Potter. Always. 😉


  9. I have to break the mold here. I was going to say Hunger Games, but I'm afraid that's too cliche. I say Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. The first 3 were horrible, though they did get progressively better (I loved Eclipse because of the Jasper history in it). But I think they did the best with BD 1 and 2. They got the love triangle there, the feelings of love and loss, the fight scenes, and OMG Alice's vision where my poor Jasper…I have never been that shocked in a movie while still agreeing that they stayed true to the book, so that, to me, is a success. 🙂

    Lauren Regenhardt, lregenhardt@gmail.com

  10. I just saw Divergent on Sunday and I have to say I loved it so it would be my most recent favorite book based movie. Especially after being so disappointed by The Vampire Academy movie when I was a huge fan of the book series. @tammygeo

  11. I have to go with Stardust (which is by Neil Gaiman). The movie was able to take some of my favorite parts of the book and really highlight them. Definitely a fun movie to watch and an even better book to read.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. I'm going to start with The Shawshank Redemption, and end with The Wizard of Oz (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz/book). Two classics that are forever in my heart! colleen.lecomte@gmail.com

  13. Also here's my twitter (as I can't, apparently, read directions clearly): @eli2squared

  14. Holes. I don't think anyone remembers the movie, but it is the only movie that got EVERYTHING right! They didn't make any new charaters, delete any key plot elements, and that song they play is sooo catchy! I'm on Twitter: TheTBIC and email graves8 at illinois.edu Thanks!

  15. I think Holes is the most accurate book to movie EVER. It was kinda eerie 😉

  16. Oooh, I have to say Black Beauty. I was OBSESSED with both the book and the film as a child, and I still sometimes “comfort watch” it during trying times. Thanks for doing this giveaway! @looloolooweez

  17. I *loved* the movie Holes! I even tried eating a raw onion not long after seeing it the first time. (Bad idea.) Didn't know it was a book until years later, though.

  18. Gone with the Wind, forever and always. My life-long obsession with Civil War history began with that book, and I saw the movie re-released in a snazzy, old-timey movie theater with red curtains and velvet seats. Characters, setting, romance, upsetting elements of US history/culture- it's all there. Great giveaway! @catewithacee

  19. My favorite book to movie adaptation would have to be Jane Austen's Persuasion (1995). While it's not the most popular movie/series out there I think it is the most true to the book. Harry Potter was excellent because the characters were all cast by people who are the same age. My only complaint is that some really good scenes were cut out, and I don't know of any extended editions. For me Persuasion would have to win.

    Austin Wentworth — watchedandred@gmail.com

  20. Apparently I can't read directions. Anyway, as to the why, I just adore the movie – it's one that my choir class ALWAYS watched when the teacher was out in middle school, and I like it more every time I watch it. It's also one that can almost always cheer me up if I'm in a bad mood.

  21. My favourite was Catching Fire, it stuck to the book really well while still leaving me breathless with enjoyment, they still managed to make me wonder what was going to happen.

  22. My favourite was Catching Fire, it stuck to the book really well while still leaving me breathless with enjoyment, they still managed to make me wonder what was going to happen.

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