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HG Awareness

HG, Hyperemesis Gravidarum – a debilitating, life threatening pregnancy illness that can claim the life of both mother and child.  Join us on May 15, 2014 as we help raise awareness around the world for the Second Annual HG Awareness Day.  1 out of 1,000 pregnant woman suffer from HG, including teens.  I suffered from HG.  You can learn more about HG at the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation (HER) at www.helpher.org.  Here at TLT we are also sharing a series of posts, some of them my own stories, to help raise awareness and make sure that pregnant women and their friends and family can recognize the signs and seek appropriate care.  Early, aggressive treatment can make all the difference.

The ABCs of HG: an unconventional picture book (Karen’s story)

Teen Issues: Teen Pregnancy and Complications

Teen Pregnancy and Complications, HG and pregnancy termination (An anonymous story)

Life’s Bilest Moments, HG poetry

There’s No Sister Like an HG Sister

We were going to have a brother but got a sister instead, a tween’s story

World HG Awareness Day, just the facts

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Turkey Sandwiches

Fighting the HG War, an anonymous guest post

Please share with others to help us raise awareness.  The key to a successful HG pregnancy is early and aggressive treatment.  Get more information at the Hyperemesis and Education Research Foundation (HER) at www.helpher.org

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