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The #SVYALit Project – What We’ve Learned So Far

Christa Desir and I are getting ready today to do a Webinar on the #SVYALit Project for NCompass Live. The session will be recorded and archived. We sat down and organized our thoughts for the Webinar and thought you might like to see what we’ve learned so far in the project, some of the titles we have discussed, and what we think libraries, schools and parents can do with the information. The recording is up here for you to listen to.

 SVYALit Webinar August 6


  1. I was so happy, relieved, pleased to see this post. My 2016 YA debut deals with these issues and I hope books and librarians and bloggers can help raise awareness, and ultimately help teens struggling with dating violence and power imbalance in relationships! Thank you for keeping this conversation ongoing and ever-present!!

  2. Janet Allen says:

    Please check the links on this page:

    many of them go to a page about page about making your own touch screen gloves..

    • Karen Jensen, TLT Karen Jensen, TLT says:

      Janet, we recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and not all of the links have transferred correctly. We have people working on it and apologize for the inconvenience. Right now, all broken links just take you back to the main page, which is what you are seeing. We hope to have everything linking correctly as soon as possible.

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