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TPiB: Back to School

It is, in fact, time for back to school. So here is a round up of links to a variety of back to school crafts and DIY that you may find fun and useful. The Tween and I may or may not be obsessed with making bottle cap/marble magnets.

Rock Your Locker

Here’s a look at some of the back to school crafts I have done. You all know I am a huge fan of marble/bottle cap magnets and back to school is the perfect time for them. Perfect. Also, you can make your own magnetic poetry kit which would create more locker fun.

Sherlock Bottle Cap Magnets from my Sherlock program

Mashable: DIY Supplies That Will Actually Make You Excited for School

One of my favorites on this list are the Washi Tape pencils. You can actually do a lot with Washi Tape, as Heather shared with us earlier. So if you’re going to use Washi Tape, don’t forget get you can do notebooks and folders as well. 

Buzzfeed: 37 Awesome DIYs to Make Before School Starts

Last year Buzzfeed ran this DIY post of awesome back to school crafts. Continuing the Washi/Duct tape theme, they make some awesome clip boards.

Buzzfeed: 23 Ways to Have the Coolest Locker in School

Yet another appearance by my favorite – Bottle Cap Magnets! They also make a cool bottle cap chandelier. There are some fun ideas here.

Divergent, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Minecraft Bottle Cap/Marble Magnets

Pimp Your USB

At the library, I am a huge campaigner for USB drives. HUGE. Our computer system has time management software and it will kick you off without mercy. So I tell everyone over and over again to bring a USB. So why not reinforce the message by having a Pimp Your USB day. Instructables has some ideas for pimping your USB. You can also make a pink eraser USB. You can also make a Lego themed USB drive.

Carry Your Tech in Style

Many kids will be going back to school this year with new cell phones, tablets or other assorted tech. You can make cool tech crafts like a cell phone holder using Duct Tape. There are DIY tablet covers for every skill level here. Here are 30 creative DIY smartphone and tablet crafts.

Share your favorite back to school and tech craft ideas in the comments, we’re always looking for more great ideas.

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