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Teen Read Week 2014 at Betty Warmack Branch Library (TPiB)

It’s Teen Read Week! And one of the ways we’re celebrating at my library – The Betty Warmack Branch Library in Grand Prairie, Texas – is by having a “Photo Booth” where teens can make their own ALA READ posters.  See . . .

A colleague used the READ software we purchased from ALA to create the backdrops. We used these to set up our “Photo Booth”:
Another colleague had found a variety of props that we ordered from Oriental Trading:
I really wanted some awesome bow ties so we used the duct tape from our MakerSpace to make bow ties. If you use a large clip on barrette they are easy to clip to a stick and make your own props:

I just put my “Photo Booth” up yesterday before we opened and it was wildly popular and heavily trafficked. It was fun to sit at the Reference Desk and watch people of all ages join in on the fun.


  1. That is adorable! Are you providing a camera or are your teens just taking their own pictures with their phones?

  2. We are not providing a camera, they take pictures with their phones. But I have also used my phone to take some pictures and printed them out and put them on display (with their permission). I find it very fun.

    Thank you for this comment, I appreciate it 🙂

  3. What a great idea – thanks for sharing this! Are you going to be displaying any of these in the library, or is it just for the teens to enjoy?

  4. When I'm there I will try and catch them and ask if I can take a picture too for display. I do have a couple hanging up on the walls now. I love hanging pictures of teens using the library in the library. 🙂

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