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YA A to Z: An Alphabet Soup of Awesome YA Authors

For the month of November, in the spirit of being thankful, we decided that we would celebrate some of our favorite YA authors in something we are calling #YAAtoZ. We are thankful for the awesome YA authors who write the books that move us, make us think, and some times just give us the best time ever.

Every day we’ll share a new post about one of our favorite authors in the alphabet. Actually, several days we’re sharing more than 1 letter. We’ll share a brief bio, a look at their titles and what they mean to us, etc. BUT, you can join the conversation as well! Below you’ll find a schedule, share a post about your favorite author OR tweet us your favorite author on that day with the tag #YAAtoZ. While we’re sharing our favorite authors, we would love to hear about yours. We all might find some new authors we haven’t heard of before. And the more authors we share, the more comprehensive and diverse the list becomes.

#YAAtoZ Schedule


Week 1 4: A ; 5: B ; 6: C ; 7: D

Week 2 10: E ; 11: F ; 12: G, H, I ; 13: J, K ; 14: L

Week 3 17: M ; 18: N, O ; 19: P, Q ; 20: R, S ; 21: T

Week 4 24: U ; 25: V, W ; 26: X ; 27: Y ; 28: Z

Join us tomorrow as Amanda MacGregor shares her favorite author whose last name begins with the letter A!


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