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#YAAtoZ: More Letter B Authors from Twitter

As we mentioned, everyone is invited to participate in #YAAtoZ. The more authors we share, the better our alphabet soup. If you would like, Tweet us (@tlt16, #YAAtoZ) your author for the letter(s) of the day. Or write a post discussing the authors and books you love. Yesterday, we celebrated the letter B with Libba Bray. We also got a couple of other great recommendations via Twitter:






Join the conversation! Share a post about your favorite author OR tweet us your favorite author with the tag #YAAtoZ. While we’re sharing our favorite authors, we would love to hear about yours. We all might find some new authors we haven’t heard of before. And the more authors we share, the more comprehensive and diverse the list becomes. On Twitter, we’re @TLT16 and I’m @CiteSomething.

#YAAtoZ Schedule: Week 1 4: A ; 5: B ; 6: C ; 7: D Week 2 10: E ; 11: F ; 12: G, H, I ; 13: J, K ; 14: L Week 3 17: M ; 18: N, O ; 19: P, Q ; 20: R, S ; 21: T Week 4 24: U ; 25: V, W ; 26: X ; 27: Y ; 28: Z

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