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12 Blogs of 2014: Whatever

Most of the blog posts I read are linked to from Twitter. In fact, most of what I read from the Internet is linked to from one of the Twitter accounts I follow. I started following John Scalzi’s Twitter feed a few years ago when I noticed how often he was interacting with…say it with me, everyone, MAUREEN JOHNSON! Of course, the queen of Twitter has excellent taste and I often find myself following the people she interacts with most, just to keep up with the jokes if not the other excellent things they post. John Scalzi ended up being one of the great ones. Often hilarious, usually on point, his feed is an excellent mix of entertainment, information and opinion, pictures of cats, and the rare promotional tweet just to remind you he is actually an author. His blog, Whatever, is much the same, but in longer format.

Scalzi, the author of ten novels, multiple novellas, short stories, and non-fiction books, is probably best known for the Hugo Award winning Red Shirts. He is also the past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s America. Qualifications aside, he is basically a very polished writer on a diverse variety of topics.

Some reasons to read his blog:

  • Excellent Cat Pictures (Including the one where he taped bacon to this lovely kitty.)



  1. Karen Jensen, TLT Karen Jensen, TLT says

    Robin, when I lived in Ohio we had John Scalzi as a visiting author one day. He was hands down one of the most insightful and most entertaining authors ever. I started reading Whatever soon after this visit and I adore it. And I love that he occasionally uses it as a platform to stand up for the rights of others and just help people put current events in perspective. I always know I’ve chosen good friends when they talk about Scalzi.

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