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12 Blogs (or not) of 2014: Two Bossy Dames

Every so often, something so wonderful, so amazing, comes along that we have to include it in a 12 Blogs post, even though it’s not technically a blog. In this case it started on Tumblr (technically a blog platform) and then morphed into a newsletter with an accompanying Twitter account. The brainchild of Margaret Willison and Sophie Brookover, Two Bossy Dames is a weekly newsletter now – you can subscribe here.

Margaret (also known as @MrsFridayNext) is an aspiring children’s librarian who appears on a semi regular basis on the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast as their designated readers advisory expert. She is possibly best known for her Twitter feed, though, which she has aptly described as a 24 hour slumber party. Sophie (also known as @sophiebiblio) is a librarian and mom who describes herself as being ‘at the intersection of value and fun.’ She has the added advantage of having my very most favorite name.

Together, these two ladies put out a weekly newsletter covering all things pop culture with a special focus on those things most interesting to their projected readership, which, mirroring the listenership of NPR, seems to be heavily library culture influenced. One of their recent newsletters was devoted almost entirely to their conversation regarding Taylor Swift’s newest release, 1989. 

One of their special weekly features is a segment titled “Twee as Hell.” It is exactly what you might expect. Highlighting their most recent finds amongst the never-ending supply of cute on the Internet, the dames have wormed their way into my heart of hearts. I mean really, how can you resist cat shaped marshmallows?

Another concept that has been reoccurring in the newsletter is ‘hygge.’ A key part of Danish culture, hygge is a term that implies an extreme sense of coziness. I really can’t do it justice here, but it seems to revolve around community, closeness, food, and a general sense of supreme well-being. If you really want to understand it, their newsletter archive is the place for you.

Covering everything from their ‘visual crushes of the week,’ to music, to current events, Sophie and Margaret are delightful (and sometimes a bit snarky) in their detailed evaluation of what has been happening in current culture. I cannot recommend them and their newsletter highly enough. Enjoy!


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