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The #SVYALit Hangout on Hazing – and a hazing book giveaway!

Yesterday we had a great discussion with authors Eric Devine (Press Play), Anthony Breznican (Brutal Youth) and Joshua Cohen (Leverage) about their books and the topic of hazing/bullying. If you missed that conversation, you can watch below, or for you podcast fans you can “press play” and listen to it as a podcast. Great news! Author Anthony Breznican is donating a copy of all 3 awesome book titles for a giveaway so do the Rafflecopter thing after the video to enter and win! For all the previous hangouts, discussions, book reviews and more be sure to visit the #SVYALit Project Index.

Don’t just listen to us talk about how awesome Press Play, Brutal Youth and Leverage are, read them for yourself! Or put them in your library for teens to read! We’re giving away a #SVYALit Hazing bookpack with 1 copy of all 3 titles to one lucky winner in the U.S. Enter between now and February 7 at Midnight with the Rafflecopter below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Maggie Knapp says:

    It’s always good to have books that show hazing isn’t just harmless pranks and fun. I look forward to reading these, whether I win the package or not. But thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  2. Jennifer Sallee says:

    Coming from a sorority background it would be good to have a dynamic male perspective of the hazing I saw on campus. I’d love to get these books in my school library!

  3. Kerrianne Tyler says:

    To have books about hazing and bullying in your library is something that is desperately needed right now. Perhaps if we had more information about these topics, more people might recognize their behavior as bullying and/or hazing and help us put a stop to these practices.

  4. Maryalice says:

    I’ve read a fair number of YA bullying/hazing books over my years in education, and it is always a topic that hits home and helps bring awareness to students. Can’t wait to add these to my list!

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