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Full STEAM Ahead with Tween and Teen Programming, webinar for Florida Library Webinars

Today I did a webinar for Florida Library Webinars. Do check out Florida Library Webinars as they host a wide variety of excellent webinars on a wide variety of important topics. Here are the slides from my presentation.

Please note: This link takes you to the technology comparison chart with clickable links https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_0B-FUwQaggvaN3bBjX3-fXxs2ExiEEIBz3Ce–_rZs/edit

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Full STEAM Ahead with Tween and Teen Programming

You can register and view the archived webinar here

What you’ll find in the webinar slideshow:

Why use technology in your library programming?

What technology can you use in your library programming?

Evaluating Cubelets, Little Bits, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pis and Spheros (with help from The Robot Test Kitchen)

Some simple kits you can use

Strawbees in the library

STEAM: Technology + Art (including benefits)

What types of art:

Photography (including Memes)

— 5 Things you can do with the pictures you create

Making motion pictures – videos and GIFs

Some free online creation tools


DIY and technology

Legos in the library

Tools and Tips

Decide which combinations work best for your library’s size, budget and space.

Consider a combination of tools so you can provide variety in your programming

My ideal:

Legos, an iPad or 2 with various apps, Little Bits and a gaming system with a variety of games

Have a weekly program that provides predictability in day and time to establish an audience, but have diversity in your activities.

Be willing to let the tweens and teens lead. If they come in wanting to do something different that day, go with it if you have the tools in place.

Don’t be afraid to get new tech and learn WITH your tweens and teens. You don’t have to be an expert, just be willing to try.

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