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#YouTubeWeek: What’s Hot on YouTube, a guest post by Rose

Today’s post is brought to you by another one of the smart teenagers I know, Rose. Rose is here to give us a rundown on some of her favorite things on YouTube.


Yay, YouTube!

On YouTube, you can learn about new music or artists, find new makeup to try, relax, or gain new skills. There’s so many different reasons to watch YouTube videos!

I find channels that I like through recommendations from YouTubers or from suggested similar videos. The first YouTuber I remember subscribing to was StilaBabe09, a makeup guru who has 3,295,470 subscribers right now. The first video I watched was her makeup collection and storage back in summer 2012.


Some of my favorite YouTubers are:

  • WatchUsLiveAndStuff- a great channel that had Anthony from smosh, a comedic gaming channel, and Kalel from kalelkitten when they were a couple. They broke off their engagement 3 months ago and broke hearts everywhere, including mine and my boyfriend’s.

  • PewDiePie– the biggest YouTuber ever with 35,665,010 subscribers at the moment, my boyfriend’s favorite YouTuber and one that never fails to make people laugh.

  • SDK- with 170,523 subscribers SDK is a collab channel that doesn’t have many fans, but their fans are extremely dedicated. They have the funniest videos ever. The collab includes twins Adam and Nick, Jonah Green, Joey Gatto, RyansAverageLife, and Josh Sobo. Joe Santagato sadly left the channel recently.

  • Colleen Ballinger aka PsychoSoprano and MirandaSings is a very interesting YouTuber. At first she just had the MirandaSings channel, which is a comedic character that is hugely famous. She has lots of viral videos and subscribers on that channel; even people who don’t watch YouTube a lot know the name Miranda. On PsychoSoprano she does more blog style videos as herself.

  • StrawBurry17 is a nerdy girl YouTuber who has tons of fans of all ages and genders and does gaming videos, popin cookin videos, and blogs on LifeBurry.


  • TheMostPopularGirls or MPGIS is another show on YouTube that is made from Barbie dolls. It started with two guys and dollar store fake Barbies. It’s now huge and it is kind of a comedy because they put funny and inappropriate things to the dolls moving. It’s appealing to lots of ages from teens to adults. There’s not many subscribers but lots of views; you’ve probably seen gifs from the show.

  • Shawn Mendes has posted lots of covers on YouTube and now has his own music and is going on tour! I’m actually going to his April 15th concert in Minneapolis!

  • yunging19 or Ashley is a YouTuber I love who does lots of unboxing, hair, makeup, hauls and advice videos.

  • Bethany Mota is very famous from her YouTube channel with 8 million subscribers. She was on Dancing With The Stars and has her own clothing line at Aeropstale.

  • communitychannel is a comedy channel that’s been around a while. Natalie does videos about things she experiences throughout the week basically. Always super relatable and funny.

  • eleventhgorgeous are two sisters who make videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about makeup, hair, beauty subscription boxes, fashion, and basically anything girly. I love their channel and the sister dynamic they have, so cute.

  • HelloKaty is a YouTuber in college now who does fashion and makeup videos that I love. She’s very pretty, comes off very calm, and is really smart and mature.

  • Ingrid is a really big YouTuber who started the famous volumes trend, vlogging every day in December.

Meet Our Guest Blogger
I’m Rose. I love fashion and beauty along with books and music. I spend most of my free time on YouTube, Netflix or Hulu. I’ve recently been addicted to solitaire on my phone and watching old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. My favorite color is teal and favorite food is chocolate, preferably with caramel. I’m in The Youth Choral Of Central Minnesota, in choir at school, and I take private voice lessons because I love singing. I’m also a huge fangirl of basically everything.

Find me on social media:
Instagram: rose_ez
Twitter: 1Drose_
Tumblr: rosezahn1
Pinterest: rosemaryez
Polyvore: rosezahn

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