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Middle School Monday – Manners & Mutiny by Gail Carriger

MSMI will not leave you in suspense, dear reader, I am entirely thrilled with this, the fourth and last installment of Ms. Carriger’s Finishing School series. It is a delight. In fact, I am hard pressed to discover what details I can expose without spoiling your own experience of its pleasures.

The Picklemen are up to no good, again. Monique de Pelouse and Soap (as well as many other previously loved and/or hated minor characters) pop back up to add to the story and the carefully orchestrated denoument of the series. And Sophronia and her band of friends (sadly minus Sidheag) save the day, of course.

My favorite part, however, is that we as readers discover along with Sophronia, that many of the people in her life are much more than they seem in some of the most delightfully devious ways. But I will have to leave it to you to discover whom.

I could not be happier with the outcome of this series, along with its ties to her other books. Ms. Carriger is firmly down as one of my favorite authors. I strongly recommend this title, as well as every other one in the Finishing School series to any collection serving students in grades 6 and up.



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