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Teen lives in documentaries

Teens live amazing lives. We know that, but we don’t always see it. These eight documentaries peek into the complicated, emotional, thought provoking lives of teens.

Magic Camp

It looks a little like Hogwarts, and the greatest magicians of our time have emerged from its doors. It’s Tannen’s, a summer camp for aspiring magicians.


At thirteen, she fought in court for the right to pursue her dream: to sail alone around the world. She filmed much of the footage herself over the course of her two year solo voyage.

Louder Than a Bomb

Chicago area high school teams of talented poets compete in the world’s largest slam poetry competition.

Hot Girls Wanted

Using Craigslist and the promise of a free ticket to Miami, the “pro-amateur” porn industry thrives on eighteen and nineteen year old girls, eager for fame and escape. Disturbing and frank.

OT: Our Town

Twenty years have passed since this Compton high school has put on a play. Now they’re tackling one set in a small rural town nearly a century ago.

Girl Rising

Nine girls from nine different countries were the inspiration for these stories, voiced by renowned actors.

Fame High

What does living a life of art really mean? Teens at this California high school for the arts strive to understand that, and decide if they have what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive world.


Like Friday Night Lights used high school football as the lens through which to view a small Texas town, here a high school basketball team on a miserable losing streak serves to illuminate a struggling Indiana community.


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