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MakerSpace: Low Tech Tool – The Recycled Paper Bead Maker

On a whim, I bought this low tech tool for the MakerSpace, prompted in part by the fact that it was on clearance at Michael’s for $5.00. I looked and it is available at Amazon for $10.00, which is still a good price. In fact, I’m going to buy a couple more for the Teen MakerSpace.


You can use this to easily turn discarded magazines into paper beads. It’s a great making tool for those who want to be a little more social while engaging in making; we have had some small groups sitting around and talking while someone makes beads, which is why I want to buy a couple more for the space. And there are no shortage of discarded magazines at the library.


Here’s an example of a bracelet that was made using beads created with this low tech tool. If I’m not mistaken, this one was created using a discarded manga, creating some cool black and white beads.

I highly recommend this low cost maker activity for maker spaces everywhere. It was fun, easy and created some very nice final products. It would also be a great activity for Earth Day or recycled crafts.


  1. Is there an adhesive on the machine? How do the beads stay together? Or do you just glue them yourself. By the way, thanks for sharing!!!! I’m am definitely getting some of these.

    • Karen Jensen, TLT Karen Jensen, TLT says

      Nicole, you glue them as you go along. And I think it is helpful at the end to kind of give them a coat of mod podge.

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