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Middle School Monday: Summer.  Yes, Summer. By Julie Stivers


It’s summer! A magical time for school librarians…

[First, a shout-out to my colleagues in our school district and around the country who are librarians at year-round schools. You get no summer break. You transition directly from year to year. You are amazing. I couldn’t do it….]

For those of us on traditional schedules, what are we doing during the summer?

Reading.  Yes, I know that as librarians, books are not–and should not be–our sole purview. We want widespread access to information, equitable educational outcomes for our students, literacy integrated in every subject. But, come on, books! BOOKS. Summer gives school librarians time to read without pause. Find new books to recommend as class texts. And, of course, read books and authors that reflect our diverse schools. I’m going to be talking about some of my favorites over the coming weeks and I can’t wait to hear about your new finds.

Rethinking our library spaces.  In addition to a freshly painted wall [half chalkboard paint / half Carolina Blue], I sought help from a guru in our district (Thank you, @klallen!) and she had great ideas for redesigning the space to create more efficient zones for library activities [free reading / instruction / circulation]. My library is tiny! To free up space, we’re dismantling the circulation desk to just a small book drop and circulation computer.

Creating new spaces.  I’m turning my office into a space for students and bringing my desk out into the library. [Actually, my desk looks like it’s from 1952 and it is broken. I will probably just use a table.] I’m excited about being OUT in the library and am doubly excited to create another space for students to learn and play. Our school does not have an art teacher or program and I’m envisioning using this space for electives and other free time to give students creative and artistic reign to create, envision, make, tinker. Will I call it a MakerSpace? STEAM Lab? I don’t know! I think names matter–which is why I call myself a Librarian and the school space, a Library.  Anyone have any ideas for an art-focused “making” space?

Connecting with students. I’m going into school today to meet with four of my students who are coming into the library to help. My plan is for us to do some organizational work in the library, but we may end up just sitting around and talking. Either way, I’ll consider it a success. I’m lying. I hope we just sit around and talk.

You notice that lesson planning isn’t on this list? I’m resisting the temptation until the school year gets a bit closer, or even actually begins. I don’t want to burnout this year like I was this past year in May, so what is the most important item on our summer lists?

Relaxing.  Re-energizing.  Spending time with family and friends.

I hope you’re having a great one!  Please, please help me name our new learning space and I’d love to hear about any library tasks you accomplish over the summer, and any of your favorite new MG or YA reads.


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