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#MHYALit: Who Cares for the Caregivers?


Who cares for the caregivers?

  1. I have a thing I want to say about depression/mental health. It will take a couple of tweets.
  2. When we lost a baby, several people reached out to us. When I was in bed rest, several people reached out to us. When my child had surgery
  3. Well, you get the point. When people are sick, we reach out to families because we understand that being a caregiver is hard.
  4. Guess what, loving someone with a mental illness is also hard. It’s hard in spouses. It’s hard on children. And we don’t support those
  5. caregivers in the same ways that we support caregivers in the face of other losses or illnesses. Dealing w/mental health can be lonely.
  6. Part of it is, of course, because there is still so much stigma attached to mental health issues, so people stay silent.
  7. Part of it is because I think we forget the illness part of mental illness. We focus on the word mental and not the word illness.
  8. Part of it is, I’m sure, because we don’t know how or if or when to talk about it. Like, can you just call up a friend & ask how you are
  9. hanging in there while your wife or mother is having a major depressive episode? It depends on the person & your friendship.
  10. For some people, they would appreciate a friendly text or a meal or just acknowledgment that they are a caregiver & it is challenging.
  11. If you are friends with someone & you know that their spouse/child/parent struggles, ask them how they would like you to acknowledge or not
  12. Some people just need to know that people are aware of their struggles and they are there if they ever need anything.
  13. Some people just need to know that they don’t have to struggle through the wilderness alone.
  14. Okay readers: I’m looking for examples of characters who have a parent/sibling w/a mental illness & their friends acknowledging/supporting
  15. @TLT16 iirc, the MC’s roommates and friends help the MC to understand/escape her mom (who is narcissistic) in THE FIRST TIME SHE DROWNED.
  16. @TLT16 CRAZY by Han Nolan is one word my favorite YAs of all time. Told in the format of a Greek tragedy. So good.
  17. @TLT16 & (to tackily toot my own horn) in THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE the MC’s father is bipolar/an addict, & her friends/crew are supportive.
  18. @TLT16 The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson
  19. @TLT16 I think The Weight of Zero is supposed to have a good support system.
  20. @TLT16 @YAIndulgences Alexi from Faking Normal has Blue and Sam from Every Last Word has her fam and the poetry corner.
  21. @jclillis @TLT16 it’s not out until 2017 but GRENDEL’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND WAR by AE Kaplan. MC’s dad has PTSD.

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