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A Kirstin Cronn-Mills Book Giveaway for Teachers, Librarians, and Students

Today we are helping awesome YA author and friend of the blog with her back-to-school giveaway. You can pop on over to her blog to see and/or comment on the post there. Comments here are fine, too. Follow Kirstin on Twitter @kirstincm


KCM booksAll this wordiness could be yours!


Like it or not, summer is over. Some school folks are YAAAAAAAAAAAY, some folks are BOOOOOOOOOOO, and some folks are, “Well, my favorite parts of school are students, reading books, and listening to music in my office.” Or maybe that’s just me.


To recognize the momentous beginning of another school year, it’s time for a book giveaway. How do you enter? First, you have to be a student, a teacher, or a librarian. Second, follow the instructions below. Different instructions for different school peeps.



Be a teacher or librarian.


Comment below with your most significant, most embarrassing, most amazing, or most memorable moment of your school career, and please include the school or library where you work.


Wait to see who’s randomly chosen to win ALL FIVE BOOKS IN THE PHOTO. Yes! All 5!





Be a student (at any level–middle school, high school, college)


Comment below with your most significant, most embarrassing, most amazing, or most memorable moment of your school career, and please include your school/grade level.


Wait to see who’s randomly chosen to win a copy of Original Fake!


Entries can be posted today (September 6) through September 11 (Sunday) at 11:59 CST. International entries are fine for either giveaway.


Winner will be randomly chosen, so please share anything big or small. Your memory/moment doesn’t determine your eligibility. You are awesome just for commenting.


And please share the link, if you feel so inclined. The more entries, the merrier or tearier (hopefully happy tears) or sillier it gets. And I need merriment and silliness at the beginning of a school year.


Let the remembering begin! 


  1. One of the most memorable moments of my high school library career was when Humanities Tennessee arranged to have YA author, Gabrielle Zevin, visit Northwest High School, where I was then head librarian. Since NWHS was a Title I school, many of the students who attended there were of low socio-economic status and had never had the opportunity to meet a live author. Not only did Humanities Tennessee pay to have her come and speak to roughly 200+ students, but they also provided hardback copies of her book “Elsewhere” to each student present. After her speaking engagement, Ms. Zevin was gracious enough to stay after and autograph every students’ book and speak with them personally. It was a most rewarding experience and one that I and many of my students will always treasure.

    • I have very deep love for YA authors–I’ve never met one who *isn’t* like this (I’m sure they could be out there, but I’ve not met them!). How fantastic for your school and your students (and Humanities Tennessee sounds like a quality organization!). Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  2. (Not everyone will understand the humor of this) As the librarian/textbook coordinator in our building, “lost” textbooks are often brought to me. Each week, I was sending out to the entire school a list of students’ names whose books had been found and were now in my possession. Eventually, I realized no one was really reading the list, so I decided to make it more interesting. Along with the list of names, I included four names that were not students, but did have something in common. One time, I had four names of singers who performed at the very first Woodstock, another time it was the REAL names of famous rappers, and I sometimes add four names of characters played by one actor. If a teacher is the first to respond with the four names and the thing they have in common, they would receive a candy bar. It worked! Teachers were responding and trying to beat others in being the first to answer. So…..one time, I used four names of characters played by Will Ferrell. One was Brad Whitaker (from Daddy’s Home), another was Rick Marshall (Land of the Lost), the third was Brennan Huff (Step Brothers) and the last was Ron Jeremy (Anchorman) I sent the list to the ENTIRE school. Shortly after, one of the teachers responded with “Didn’t you mean to say Ron BURGUNDY?” I was horrified! I sent a retraction out to the ENTIRE school to say, “I MEANT Ron BURGUNDY!” The following emails I got from teachers were hilarious. Again, not everyone will understand the mortification I felt, unless they do a little research! But they may not want to attempt this with kids in the room or using their school computer.

    • Oh, this made my day and made me laugh out loud in my office. You should actually send this story to Will Ferrell. He’d love it. Thanks for this entry!

  3. I love the connection I make when a student and I share the same passion for a book. Last year, a 5th grade girl, after reading several of my recommendations, would come to the library and just say, “OK, what’s my next book gonna be?”. After she was finished, she’d come in, hold the book up and we would just look at each other and instantly be transported to Avonlea, inside the caves of Leepike Ridge, the streets of London in Splendors and Glooms, or the hideaway of Anne Frank. We would just stare, wordles,s and each other….and we knew. We knew what loving a book meant.

    • A sacred thing for sure (almost cinematic in its weight). I love it when it happens with my students. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Tina Hayden says

    I was in my first or second year teaching kindergarten (before I became a middle school librarian) and I was being evaluated by my principal and the state. During this time the janitor decided to also come in and change the air filters. I went in on teaching as usual… when everyone left the room I was standing in front of my class, looked down and the top two buttons of my blouse had come undone! I had flashed my principal (who was male) the state evaluator and the janitor!

  5. One of the most significant, memorable, AND amazing moments for me was receiving a letter in the mail from a former student, who told me that I changed her life by being her librarian. She said I was more than her librarian, I was her friend, and because of my influence she was majoring in English in college. This letter meant so much to me and I will treasure it always. Even if I never receive another letter like this, I hope I am making a positive impact on my students and their lives. <3

    (School name included in website link)

  6. I am a new librarian at Sunridge Middle School in Pendleton . This year. Love my job and my students. I think the best thing this year is when one of my aides and I where talking about books and she looks at me and asks, ” what is your favorite genre to read”. Love it. Seeing the kids get excited when they find a book they have been wanting to read makes my day.

  7. The second year of my teaching career, which was also the second year of my marriage, my husband and I had a major disagreement that resulted in the silent treatment on both sides for a couple of days. I just wasn’t myself, but I still tried to make an effort and go about my day teaching my high school students. During one class, a student aide brought in a bouquet of roses that was sent to school by my husband. I was so touched by it that I couldn’t keep back the tears and my class applauded to support me. Of course my students didn’t know what had happened at home, but they definitely showed that they cared.

  8. THE WINNER OF THE BOOKS (as drawn by my spouse out of a bowl): Sandy Ing! I’ll be in touch about shipping your books. Thank you all for taking time to enter! Have a great school year, and keep doing what you do for kids. They need you! As do writers. : ) Thanks again.

  9. Thank you so much! Never has a mortifying moment paid off so well!

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