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Now What? On Being a Librarian and a Book Lover After the 2016 Election

It's been a week since the election. Emotions are high. Many people are legitimately fearful for their safety and well being given both the rhetoric of the campaign and the increase of hate crimes since the election. My teens are scared. So here's a look at what I am going to be doing as both a librarian and as a private citizen to help educate myself and other about civil rights and many of the issues being discussed. For more information, check out the hashtags #booksfighthate and #ownvoices.whattodo2

  1. As a LIBRARIAN, here's my plan for this week. Will be multiple tweets.

  2. 1) go through my collection. Walk through the shelves & write down every book that falls into one of these categories . . .

  3. Feminist YA
    Civil Rights
    Religious Freedom
    Sexual Violence
    Mental Health

  4. Native Americans
    2) Find online lists to compare.
    3) order and fill holes
    4) focus on #ownvoices
    5) make reading lists
    6) schedule displays

  5. This what I'm going to do as a private citizen that loves books https://t.co/sQrNpfkEIU

    This what I’m going to do as a private citizen that loves books pic.twitter.com/sQrNpfkEIU

  6. In addition, write and call all your elected representatives at every level and demand that they keep us safe & preserve democracy

  7. 7) start doing the same right now for 2017 titles



  1. Bethany Miller says

    These are all great ideas. Thank you for the post!

  2. Katie Palmateer says

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve already got my LGBTQ display up and ready to go. Working on others.

  3. 23-01-2012 I know how that feels, Angela. Being more efficient is tough. All those blogs we subscribe to are mostly other writers. I have to wonder if subscribing to so many wre&rist#8217; blogs is helping us. If all we cull as readers are writers, how will we get non-writers to buy our books? Writers help promote us, but are they promoting to non-writers? It’s a confusing mess. We don’t want to stop visiting and supporting our writer friends, but somehow we also need non-writer friends.Thanks for coming by.

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