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Middle School Monday: Lovely TBR Lists. Piles. Dreams.

If you’re coming back to work after a winter break, welcome! I hope it was restful. Oddly (and wonderfully), I did very little work over break. Except reading, if you count that as work. Which I don’t. Obviously. But, isn’t it dreamy that READING is technically considered part of our work? [Which is probably why many of us are librarians!]

Are you good at keeping your GoodReads account updated? I’m horrible. When a fellow librarian was hoping to check out recommendations via that account, I might have gasped. Then, apologized profusely. I’m a GoodReads slacker.

In addition to working to update my account, I also thought of the top five books on my TBR (To Be Read) list right now. I’m sharing mine with you…in the hopes that you share yours with me!


Ghetto Cowboy (2011) by G. Neri, The Sun Is Also a Star (2016) by Nicola Yoon, The Creeping Shadow (2016) by Jonathan Stroud (Number Four in the Lockwood & Co. series), The Last True Love Story (2016) by Brendan Kiely, Flying Lessons (2017) edited by Ellen Oh, and Labyrinth Lost (2016) by Zoraida Córdova. You may notice that there are six above, which means I clearly lied about the top five part. I’m going to say a bit about my outlier—Flying Lessons—because it’s not even a TBR book. It’s more like an ACRAS [Am Currently Reading and Savoring] book.

Flying Lessons has been on my TBR pile for longer than any other book, because I am SAVORING it. I’ve never understood when someone told me they were drawing a book out on purpose. I don’t do that. Can’t do that. I like to finish a book soon after I start it [to the detriment of my sleeping habits and state of my home]. But Flying Lessons? It begs to be drawn out. When I finish one powerful short story, there is no way I can jump into the next. I need to reflect on what I’ve just read. Looking forward to talking about this one more in the future on MSM!

I’m Julie Stivers at @BespokeLib and I can’t wait to read/finish all six. What’s on YOUR TBR list?

Have a great week!

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