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Talking ALL AMERICAN BOYS with Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely for the Social Justice in YA Lit (#SJYALit) Project


Yesterday we had an online Twitter chat with authors Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, as well as many readers, as part of the #SJYALit Project. I storified that discussion so that you can read it here in case you missed it.


Talking ALL AMERICAN BOYS with Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely for Social Justice in YA Lit (#SJYALit)

  1. Let me take this moment to mention that THE HATE U GIVE is a really powerful companion to ALL AMERICAN BOYS #SJYALit

  2. It's not officially a companion, I should clarify, just a good read that goes along with the themes of AAB #SJYALit

  3. I'm curious to know about their discussions with teens/teachers & librarians on their tour for this book. #SJYALit

  4. Also, have you read ALL AMERICAN BOYS with teens? What has their reaction been? Tell us at #SJYALIt

  5. I just had a teen say they didn't understand why we even had yesterday off. Made me sad. #SJYALit @CiteSomething

  6. I kind of can't get over the RASHAD IS ABSENT AGAIN TODAY tag/movement. So powerful. And that roll call at the end. Whoa. #SJYALit

  7. I think once you are out of elementary school days like yesterdays are not explained anymore @TLT16 @CiteSomething. #SJYALit

  8. Inclusion of social media as a tool for social justice is brilliant. (look at us here) How do you feel that will evolve for teens? #SJYALIt

  9. I thought the hashtag was powerful. And such a good way to incorporate social media & make a statement. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821480155591938049 …

  10. HOW IT WENT DOWN by Kekla Magoon would also be a really great companion read, especially given HIWD's multiple community POVs. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/TLT16/status/821478089632976896 …

  11. I feel like if I were still in grad school, I could've written a 10 page paper on the decision to leave the hyphen out of the title #SJYALit

  12. Do you hear your teens talking about these types of shootings, Black Lives Matter? #SJYALIt

  13. I think authors will have to stay current on WHAT social media teens are using. But I think it connects. #SJYALIt  https://twitter.com/StorytimeCrabb/status/821480416255377408 …

  14. .@TLT16 At book club meetings, we would talk about race/profiling/police violence/BLM etc. V. diverse and politically aware group. #SJYALit

  15. You have astoundingly amazing book club groups and great discussions. They always impress me. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821481871901134854 …

  16. I think it is interesting that Rashad was in the in the JROTC. An effort to show how All American/Patriotic he was maybe? #SJYALIt  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821482378803683328 …

  17. We are having more discussions of race/racism in my library of late. In ways we didn't used to. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821482592503525381 …

  18. I liked seeing the diversity of teacher/coach/admin responses at school and the diff ways they address (or don't) what's happening. #SJYALit

  19. The effects of neutrality are major here. How do you show teens that opinions and actions are important? #SJYALit

  20. The math teacher who wrote stats on the board, the history teacher helping organize, the Eng teacher etc. #SJYALit

  21. .@TLT16 Right--and making us think about uniforms in various ways, and perceptions, and profiling. #SJYALit

  22. This question comes up again in the forthcoming THE HATE U GIVE. It's another interesting look at that. #SJYALIt  https://twitter.com/StorytimeCrabb/status/821483060105539584 …

  23. @TLT16 I think it can be scary for many teens to take a stance. Especially if it is different from their family/peer group. #SJYALit

  24. @StorytimeCrabb Yes! I loved seeing Quinn's awakening and understanding of how he was complicit and what he could do. #SJYALit

  25. It was scary for me as an adult. I lost a lot of friends. Would be even more so for teens, who are often dependent on. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/StorytimeCrabb/status/821483671383343104 …

  26. I finished the book feeling like it was such a powerful call to action without needing to list any ideas/resources at the end. #SJYALit

  27. @TLT16: Some pretty heavy stuff gets discussed in and around convos on books & anime; in a downtown branch, big city #sjyalit

  28. It seemed like Rashad should have been afforded a different perspective because he is JROTC, but then he wasn't & its eye opening #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821483427455238145 …

  29. I also think the different ways that Rashad's family/community responded was interesting. Some wanted to protest, not all. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/CiteSomething/status/821483724114108416 …

  30. #SJYALit I want to hand every teen and many adults this novel. It made me realize again how lucky I am to have the privilege I do.

  31. I'm always a fan of intertexuality and hope the bits included about Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN lead some teens to reading it. #SJYALit

  32. My husband was recently pulled over & I was very aware of how differently he was treated vs. stories I read about poc. #SJYALit  https://twitter.com/bookslover/status/821484708752191488 …

  33. @JasonReynolds83 said the Mike Brown case was the 'last straw'. How do we get teens to take action before a penultimate event? #sjyalit

  34. Is anyone aware if there have been any challenges to ALL AMERICAN BOYS? @JasonReynolds83 @KielyBrendan #SJYALit

  35. I liked that Q had Jill to talk to about his thoughts/actions,that there wasn't a POC "teaching" him to understand racism/whiteness #SJYALit

  36. His journey to understanding felt very real and powerful w/o making it feel parallel to what was happening w/ Rashad. #SJYALit

  37. I'll have to catch up on the rest of this later tonight. Gotta feed my kid and take him back to school. Sorry to disappear! #SJYALit

  38. @KielyBrendan @JasonReynolds83 I have a question: how did it come to be that Rashad would be in the JROTC? We talked about this. #SJYALIt

  39. @KielyBrendan @JasonReynolds83 People also wanted to know what kind of teen reactions you have gotten to the book? #SJYALit

  40. @KielyBrendan @JasonReynolds83 Have you guys read THE HATE U GIVE yet? (though I think I saw Jason blurbed it, I have e-arc) #SJYALit

  41. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit teens everywhere want to dive in. We've spoken to over 35K students and young folks everywhere want to talk

  42. I wonder if now, after so many events/discussions, there are things you'd change/add/emphasize etc @KielyBrendan @JasonReynolds83 #SJYAlit

  43. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit students asking us adults to help them navigate the problems we have created for them. (1/2)

  44. @TLT16 @KielyBrendan I chose the JROTC because I think when we think about “victims” we tend to see a “Certain kind of kid.” #SJYALit

  45. @TLT16 @KielyBrendan but truthfully, more times than not they’re “regular” kids. artists and rotc kids. playground kids. #SJYALit

  46. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit (2/2) Racism is what we perpetuate and impose on all young folks. We owe them the courage to talk about it

  47. @TLT16 @KielyBrendan As far as THE HATE U GIVE, yes I’ve read it, and blurbed, and I’m excited for it to come out! #SJYALit

  48. @TLT16 @KielyBrendan we need as many of these kinds of books as poss. to get a full picture. Shouts to Nic Stone’s DEAR MARTIN too. #SJYALit

  49. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit & I'd add that adults are often in the way-kids see injustice, but look for a language to understand it

  50. @EMKokie @KielyBrendan our talk has definitely changed over time, but the one thing that hasn’t is the sharing of PERSONAL stories. #SJYALit

  51. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit and we owe it to them to have the courage (especially white folks) to talk about it in ourselves

  52. I meant in the book itself. Now that you've discussed it so many times, are there things you'd change/add, etc @JasonReynolds83 #SJYAlit

  53. @EMKokie @JasonReynolds83 @TLT16 #SJYALit I'd add a lot more conversation about the intersectional discussion of race & gender.

  54. @EMKokie Ahhhh. Hmm. I think we would’ve given Tiffany, the black girl, a voice. That’s one of our biggest regrets. #SJYALit

  55. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit so sad. But the models are out there. Too many voices amplifying that hate. Too many in major media

  56. @JasonReynolds83 @EMKokie #SJYALit absolutely -- that's key. Accountability and experiential truth are the cornerstones of our project

  57. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit that's important-accountability. Then bold public outrage at those who perpetuate racism and hate

  58. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 @EMKokie #SJYALit, as Walt Whitman said: I contain multitudes. Let's look at how they are connected :)

  59. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit agreed, although which churches? I think some remain on the front lines, but too many hide behind privilege

  60. @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 Teens also start to understand the small acts of prejudice that we are silent about. #SJYALit

  61. @TLT16 @EMKokie @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit i learned the term at my Catholic high school twenty years ago--we need do so better

  62. @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit It's really hard to explain or define small insidious acts of racism to some teens/kids (1/2)

  63. @TLT16 @EMKokie @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit I think there has been a 20 year hostile takeover by social conservatives & this affects the ????

  64. @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit Many don't see the harm in "just joking"/"teasing a friend" when "they're cool" w/ someone2/2

  65. @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit Many don't see the harm in "just joking"/"teasing a friend" when "they're cool" w/ someone2/2

  66. @TLT16 @EMKokie @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit also back to the book: kids read AAB and look for and see connections. Masculinity can be toxic

  67. @XineLively @KielyBrendan @TLT16 Brendan talks about this in our lecture. how those jokes metastasize as they get older #SJYALit

  68. @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 #SJYALit We need books that show real interactions and real consequences to open those discussions.

  69. @lkeochgerien @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @EMKokie Agreed. I’ve tried to address them in every single one of my books. Both of us do. #SJYALit

  70. @lkeochgerien @JasonReynolds83 @TLT16 @EMKokie #SJYALit absolutely. That's part of Officer G's problem. Part of many men's problem in AAB

  71. @JasonReynolds83 @lkeochgerien @TLT16 @EMKokie #SJYALit Jason tackles "man-ness" in all his books. Powerfully. We share that mission.

  72. @JasonReynolds83 Also, about Rashad, most of his story arc post beating is internal. Did you consider having him take more action? #SJYAlit

  73. I think consent & masculinity go ✋️ in???? @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 @KielyBrendan @EMKokie. You're a man when you respect not demand. #SJYAlit

  74. I love that you both do @JasonReynolds83 @KielyBrendan @TLT16 @EMKokie. It is something I try to understand as well everyday. #SJYAlit

  75. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 @lkeochgerien @EMKokie #SJYALit social justice requires those w/ power to deconstruct it. Men, white folks etc (1/2)

  76. @EMKokie protest stories aren’t new. but to get into the interior of trauma, humanizes people in a necessary way. #SJYALit

  77. @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 @lkeochgerien @EMKokie #SJYALit (2/2) social justice requires those in power to relinquish in small and big ways

  78. @EMKokie His story, his truth of doubt and fear is far more common than the story of upheaval. #SJYALit

  79. Esp fear @JasonReynolds83 @EMKokie. That emotion is more & more common everyday. We have to learn how to analyze it. Deal w it. #SJYAlit

  80. Absolutely @JasonReynolds83 @EMKokie. Fear never does go away. It is part of the human condition. Motivates us for good/bad. #SJYAlit

  81. @lkeochgerien @TLT16 @JasonReynolds83 @EMKokie #SJYALit it's called Florence in Ecstasy--novel about eating disorder and saints in Italy :)


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