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Middle School Monday: It’s All About the Memes

MSM1This is going to be another one of those posts where I’m almost embarrassed to share this idea because it is so EASY. SIMPLE. But, who among us wouldn’t like some shared, simple ideas for library engagement? I ALWAYS want some! [That means: bring ‘em on, people!]

Over the summer, I had hung up some large write-on/wipe-off boards [that you can find at Lowe’s back in their building supplies section for very cheap]. My original intention was just to have some spots where students could draw, write, doodle, etc. [At the end of last year, we were literally writing on the walls and I LOVED THAT and didn’t want it to stop.]

meme usain

Like many of us last August, I was in full-Olympics-swoon mode and I loved looking at images from the gamestwo of my favorites being Usain Bolt pulling away from the pack with that glorious smile and Michael Phelps with his ‘game face’ before a race.
meme phelps

I wanted to somehow bring the Olympic games into the library and so I had the idea to set up meme boards. In the continual effort to think of our libraries more as KITCHENS than GROCERY STORES, this allows students to write and flex their creativity in an extremely accessible [and quick way].

I thought they might be fun for a couple of weeks and then after that, I would use the boards for some other purpose. Well, it’s February and the meme boards are going NOWHERE. They are still going strong. The students have completely taken ownership of themwhich I love. They find the pictures now and decide when it’s time to change them out. [They know to bring me the pictures to give a once over before they get put on the board. I also ensure that the pictures aren’t just of white people. The wonderful thing is that now, they just KNOW this and the pictures they bring reflect a wide range of genders, race, ethnicity.]
I’m Julie Stivers at @Bespoke Lib and I’m loving our meme boards. I’d love to hear how you’re making creative expression a part of your libraries!


  1. Um, I’m loving this idea!!!

    Also love this part of your post: “In the continual effort to think of our libraries more as KITCHENS than GROCERY STORES…”

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