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MakerSpace Mondays: Making Wonder Woman Bracers/Cuffs


This weekend the Wonder Woman movie is finally here! And June 3rd, Saturday, has been declared Wonder Woman day in libraries: DC Celebrates Wonder Woman Day with Massive Global Event. We will be celebrating on Saturday at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (OH) by making Wonder Woman cuffs/bracers.


Supplies needed:

  • Used/empty duct tape rolls or poster mailing tubes
  • Duct tape
  • Box cutter
  • Washi tape


I must admit that this activity necessitates a little bit of planning. It turns out that empty duct tape rolls are in fact the best way to make this activity. They are the perfect width and are thick enough to make good, sturdy cuffs (or bracers as my teens tell me they are called in Wonder Woman speak). You can also cut down an old poster mailing tube. We discovered this because we have a duct tape station in our Teen MakerSpace and the teens kept throwing away the cardboard tubes and we thought, surely there is something we can make with those. And there is! I will also note that there are tutorials out there for making duct tape cuff bracelets without the tubes. See, for example: Duct Tape Cuff: 4 Steps.


Step 1: Turning your duct tape roll into a cuff

You’ll want to use your box knife to cut a small piece out of your empty duct tape roll so you can slip it onto your wrist. Also, the empty rolls are slightly big for most wrists, so you have to cut them down to size. It takes only 2 cuts and then you can remove a one inch section. This is your opening to fit the cuff easily onto your wrist. For smaller wrists, you can cut a slightly larger piece out.

Step 2: Decorate your cuff using duct and washi tape

They don’t have to be Wonder Woman themed, but Wonder Woman themed is kind of awesome. But you can use any colors of tape and just make amazing wearable jewelry.


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