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There are 52 weeks in a year, that means every 2 weeks we will cover a new letter. For example, the first 2 weeks of January we will cover the letter A. The next 2 weeks we will cover the letter B. What will that look like? It can look however we want it to look. Let’s take the letter B for example. There’s author Sarah Rees Brennan, the book Bone Gap, or topics like bisexuality, book boyfriends, best friends (or best anything really), bugs (either literal bugs or the things that bug you about YA), etc. If it starts somehow in someway with the letter B, you can write about it.

  • January – Letters A & B
  • February – Letters C & D
  • March – Letters E & F
  • April – Letters G, H & I
  • May – Letters J & K
  • June – Letters L & M
  • July – Letters N & O
  • August – Letters P & Q
  • September – Letters R & S
  • October – Letters T & U
  • November – Letters V & W
  • December – Letters X, Y & Z

So we’re talking book titles, book authors and book topics. You can make a book list or you can have an in depth discussion. You can be funny or you can be serious. You can be creative. In fact, if you have ever thought I have always wanted to talk about x, y or z but couldn’t figure out a forum for that, THIS is your forum for that.

I think I have successfully created a Google Form that you can fill out to let us know what you would like to talk about here. You can fill it out at any time starting now and throughout all of 2018.

Look for new posts throughout the year!


YA A to Z: Laurie Halse Anderson

YA A to Z: Libba Bray

YA A to Z: Kristin Cashore

YA A to Z: Sarah Dessen

YA A to Z: E. Lockhart

YA A to Z: Sharon Flake

YA A to Z: Lamar Giles

YA A to Z: Rachel Hawkins

YA A to Z: Justina Ireland

YA A to Z: Maureen Johnson

YA A to Z: David Levithan

YA A to Z: Julie Kagawa

YA A to Z: Tahereh Mafi

YA A to Z: Patrick Ness

YA A to Z: Lauren Oliver

YA A to Z: Stephanie Perkins

YA A to Z: Matthew Quick

YA A to Z: Sarah Rees Brennan

YA A to Z: Jenny Torres Sanchez

YA A to Z: Terry Trueman

YA A to Z: Siobhan Vivian

YA A to Z – Jacqueline Woodson

YA A to Z: Francisco X. Stork (a guest post by Linda Jerome)

YA A to Z: Gene Luen Yang

YA A to Z: Sara Zarr

#YAAtoZ: More letter D author recommendations from Twitter


#YAAtoZ: More Letter C Author Love from Twitter

#YAAtoZ: More Letter B Authors from Twitter

#YAAtoZ: More letter A recommendations from Twitter

YA A to Z: An Alphabet Soup of Awesome YA Authors


A #YAAtoZ of Reader’s Advisory Booklists

Adoption Books – Being Discussed, Being Seen, a guest post by Eric Smith

Alcoholism, In Real Life and in Real Fiction, by by L.B. Schulman

Alice in Wonderland retellings

Aliens: They’re Here: Science Fiction with actual aliens

Alzheimer’s As a Means to an End, a guest post by L. B. Schulman

Telling a Different Amputee Story, a guest post by Mindy Rhiger

Apocalypse Survival Tips from YA Lit

Let’s Talk About . . . Aromantic and Asexual, a guest post by Bridgette Johnson

Art: Portrait of an Artist, YA characters and art

Take 5: YA Lit on Asexuality Resources

Asian American Voices in Young Adult Literature, a #YAAtoZ guest post by Kristyn Dorfman

Assassins: Teenage Assassins in YA Lit

Best Frenemies to Lovers in YA, a guest post by author Molly E. Lee

Beyond the Grave: dead narrators

Bio engineering (Frankenstein 2012: YA lit with bio engineering)

Boarding Schools, a guest post by Tawny Stokes

Body Image

B is for Brothers *and* Sisters; a Take 5 List

If You Like Buffy then try these list 1 and list 2



Top 10 CHARMING Characters in YA, a guest post by author Amber Hart

Classic Hollywood in YA Literature, a guest post by Lisa Clark

Comics: Non comic books about comic book culture ; Comics 101 with Ally Watkins

Consent in YA, a guest post by author Sara Baysinger

Contemporary with Edge (If you like Winger by Andrew Smith)

Dads: #bestYAdad: The best dads in YA lit


Death and Dying: Sometimes it is among the dying that we remember to truly live 

Designer Drugs, a guest post by author Anna Hecker

Diversity: Middle Grade reads new in 2014 ; Graphic Novels 2015

If You Like Doctor Who then try these and these


Dragons Part 2: All You Need are Dragons, a guest post by Cindy Shutts

Drugs: Guilt, Shame and Blame – Heroin Overdose Deaths in Teen Fiction, a guest post by Kerry Sutherland


Eating Disorders

Egypt: Read About Your “Mummy” (and Egypt)

Epidemics list 1 and list 2

Environment: Earth Day Dystopias

“Fake News” and Disinformation, a guest post by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Fairy Tales (twisted, of course) and Cinderella Retellings

Faith and Spirituality: Top 10 and Mysteries with a Message

Feminist Books  ; “Nevertheless, She Persisted” A Take 5 List, plus 1


Food: Sweet Reads and Mouth Watering Reads

Freshmen 5: Great reads for HS Freshmen

Friendships, some of the best in YA Lit

GLBTQ: For Annie and Liza and Take 5: Top NEW GLBTQ Titles

Government: Fight the (Abuse of) Power – government in YA lit

Graphic Novels with Diversity

Graveyards: Someone Just Walked Over My Grave: YA lit with graveyards

Haunted Tales

Hearts: Listen to these candy hearts 

High School Survival Pack: Nonfiction to help teens through high school

Historical Fiction: The 80s as Historical Fiction; Going Back in Time Middle School Style and Historical Fiction for Dystopian Fans

Horror: The Stories that Haunt our Childhood: Local legends and superstitions in YA lit, Horrifying Reads for October (recommended by teens)

Israeli Female Soldiers: World War Z and Israeli Females in Teen Reads

M is for Manga

M is for Memoirs

Memorial Day Reads: Honoring those that serve in YA lit

Mental Illness


Mysteries: MG Lit for Sherlock Fans

Myths and Mythology

Nonfiction: Zest Books

Paranormal Romance

Poe, inspired by

Politics: A look at the (abuse of) government in YA fiction

Poverty: Rich Teen, Poor Teen: Depictions of youth living in poverty in YA Lit

Prom Books

Reapers (and Necromancers) in YA Lit

Reproductive Rights in YA Lit

Science: STEM Girls, books with female main characters rocking science and math

Science Fiction (see also Weird Science below)

Seniors: Out with the Old – Great reads for HS Seniors

Serial Killers: I Eat Cereal, but I am NOT a Serial Killer – serial killers in YA lit

Sexual Violence: Because No ALWAYS Means No: YA titles dealing with issues of consent and sexual violence.  See also, this list of titles dealing with sexual violence.

Sexual Violence in the Life of Boys

Take 5: Sharks!

Sherlock: It’s Elementary

Short Stories

Space, the final frontier (Science fiction that actually takes place in space)

Spies Like Us


Supernatural and Psychological Creepers

Tech:  Teen Tech Week: More than just a game and More Teen Tech Week

Teen Pregnancy

Time Travel 

Unconventional Stories:  Books told in nontraditional formats

Under the Sea: Mermaids

V is for Villains


Weird Science 


Witness Protection: What’s My Name Again? Stories about teens in the witness protection program

Writing: Lists, Letters and More, YA with characters who write

If you like the X-Men then try these: You Could Have Been an X-Men


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