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Cindy Crushes Programming: Harry Potter Inspired Dragon Eggs


Cindy has long been a fan of dragons. And who wouldn’t be? Dragons are cool! Today Cindy is sharing with us how she made Harry Potter inspired dragon eggs with her teens. Dragons not included.


I had made a dragon’s egg before with modeling clay and the results were not what I wanted. Thankfully, I found a YouTube video and saw how I could make this activity work.

I saw this method was very similar to the Harry Potter wands I made, that use hot glue to model the shapes. I had a lot of issues when creating this process in real life. I learned that making the egg was easy but getting the paint to dry fast enough was going to be an issue. I also wanted to make sure when I finished it looked like a dragons’ egg and not an Easter egg.

Editor’s Note: There is a lot you can do with hot glue. Check out this 5 Minute Crafts tutorial


  • Hot Glue Guns and Glue sticks
  • Plastic Easter Eggs or Foam Eggs
  • Paint, Metallic Fast Drying
  • Glitter Paint
  • Nail Polish (Optional)
  • Mod Podge (Optional, for sealing your egg)
  • Table coverings, paint pans, etc. to help create an environment that is right for painting

Step One:  Pick an egg, if using Easter eggs try to find one that is closest to the color you want to paint the egg.

Step Two:  Use hot glue to make a design. Since it is hot glue, if you make a mistake you can take off the glue if it dries.  I used a scale design for my main egg. One of the teens chose a lovely drop design, where they had small dots in rows neatly all over the egg. You can glue the egg shut if you want to. I did not.

Step Three: Paint that egg. I made sure that all the teens rolled up their shelves because this could be messy.  This is the hard part is you have to make sure to use fast drying paint. Metallic makes the eggs look the best. Do not cover the egg with lots of paint one solid layer will do the job. You can do it with nail polish, but be aware you have to have thick nail polish and that it will smell like nail polish.


Wait for your paint to dry completely before going on to the next steps.

Step Four: Paint with glitter paint. This makes it have more of a shimmer.

Step Five (Optional): My co-worker Maisie Ivens let me know she had sealed her eggs with a layer of  modge podge.

Final Thoughts: It took a little more prep time then I expected but it made the craft worth it. As long as you have patient teens, this is a great craft.

Pair your activity with a display of YA lit featuring dragons using this list found at Epic Reads (https://www.epicreads.com/blog/17-ya-books-with-dragons/)

Pair your activity with a display of YA lit featuring dragons using this list found at Epic Reads (https://www.epicreads.com/blog/17-ya-books-with-dragons/). Graphic by Epic Reads

Cindy Shutts, MLIS


Cindy is passionate about teen services. She loves dogs, pro-wrestling, Fairy tales, mythology, and of course reading. Her favorite books are The Hate U Give, Catching FIre, The Royals, and everything by Cindy Pon. She loves spending times with her dog Harry Winston and her niece and nephew. Cindy Shutts is the Teen Services Librarian at the White Oak Library District in IL and she’ll be joining us to talk about teen programming. You can follow her on Twitter at @cindysku.


  1. Brandi Fong says

    I like this! About how long did you allow for each step or for the program as a whole?

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