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How Libraries Can Better Serve Youth with Dyslexia, an Infographic

Today is October 1st, which means we’re officially kicking off Dyslexia Awareness Month. I created this infographic that I made using Canva to give those of us who work in school and public libraries a basic over view of what we need to know about dyslexia and a few bullet points about better serving our youth with dyslexia. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk more about those various bullet points and what they mean. In the coming weeks I will be sharing some resources, book lists and more. If you missed it, yesterday I shared my personal journey as a parent learning about dyslexia and how to better help my own child.


  1. Karen, I have a sinking feeling that I mistakenly messed up your infographic while I was trying to download a print-size version.

  2. This is so great Karen! Can I download this somehow and share it with my child’s librarian?

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