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Cindy Crushes Programming: Fairy Tale Hairbows

Hair bows are popular with the tween sensation JoJo Siwa leading the way. A lot of my teens love fairy tales and with Frozen II about to be released I decided to combine the two.


I used a smaller ribbon like a 2.5cm. Then I tried bigger ribbons, but because I made them by hand it was easier with small ones. I used gold ribbon for Beauty and the Beast, mermaid scales ribbon for The Little Mermaid, and light blue for Cinderella.

Flat Alligator Hair Clips with Teeth

Accent buttons

Hot glue gun and sticks.

This video helped me a lot. Watch the video.

Step One: Cut the ribbon. I used about 2 feet of ribbon in each bow. It really depends on the type of ribbon. I used mermaid scales ribbon and it was thicker so it needed to be longer than a thinner ribbon.

Step Two: Wrap the ribbon around your forefinger and middle finger two times so you have two loops, but you have to keep your fingers spread apart. The hanging part of the ribbon will be the one length of one side of the ribbon. You have to make sure it is not too short. I will say this hurt my fingers a little. I have tiny fingers and I think people with longer fingers would have an easier go.

Step Three: Once you wrap it around your fingers two times the part of ribbon you are wrapping should be at the button. You will wrap it behind the two loops and thread it through the part nearest the hand. This will make a temporary third loop.

Step  Four: You then bring the ribbon around and thread it through the new third loop. You will need the part of the ribbon you are threading through on the side of the fingers that are facing you.

Step Five: Tighten the ribbon with the side you have been wrapping through. Do not use the dangling part from the beginning because that will unravel the whole ribbon.

Step Six: Slowly and carefully push the ribbon up your fingers to take it off. This is a difficult because if you take it off too fast it might unravel. I lost a few example bows when doing this too quickly.

Step Seven: Pull the bows apart and fluff them up.

Step Eight: Trim the ribbon with scissors. Fold the end of the ribbon in half and cut it diagonally. Watch to make sure you keep it even on both ends of the ribbon.

Step Nine: Attach the Flat Alligator Hair Clips with Teeth to the back of the bow. I used a hot glue gun, but this is a slow step and be careful not to use too much glue to make your bow to look cute.

Step Ten: Accent button: I used a rose button for Beauty and the Beast, but I cut off the back of the button before I hot glued it. For The Little Mermaid I used a seashell button.

Final Thoughts: This craft is for a smaller group. I had to help a lot of my teens with their first one. I showed the video to the group to help them visualize how to make the bows. I really liked it and had a large group. The perfect group size would have been 15 instead of 20.

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