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Cindy Crushes Programming: Riverdale Escape Room 2

In today’s episode of Cindy Crushes Programming, Cindy Shutts shares with us how she hosted a second Riverdale themed escape room with her teens. You can learn all about her first one here.

To learn more about the basics of hosting an Escape Room, please check out Breakout Edu as they have basic kits that you can use as a foundation. You can also read a couple of previous posts on Escape Rooms here at TLT and online:

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Plot: Journey back to Riverdale and help save Jughead and the Southside Serpents from an evil force trying to take over the town. They must the Southside Serpent who only has 45 minutes to be rescued and if he is not saved the Southside Serpents will perish.


  • You could use the Breakout Edu kit
  • 4 number lock
  • 3 number lock
  • Word lock
  • Key lock and key
  • Two lock boxes
  • Southside Serpent signs. I plan on hiding the note on the back of one.
  • Riverdale’s Southside Map (found online)
  • List of Locations
  • Various props I have in my office
  • Props that I made for my last Riverdale Escape Room that I will reuse to be red herrings.
  • Homemade Pop’s Dinner Menu
  • Receipt
  • Fake blue and gold newspaper
  • Maple syrup label
  • Dear Riverdale letter
  • Spellman Mortuary label printed off from my Sabrina Escape Room
  • Fake poster about the dance where Josie and the Pussycats are supposed to perform.

Instructions: I made sure to read the prompt aloud so everyone knew what was going on. I also let them know they had two hints. I am prepared to always add one more hint later on if they need it.

Red Herrings: Homemade Pop’s Dinner Menu, Receipt, Blue and Gold Newspaper, Maple Syrup Label, Spellman Mortuary Label

Word Lock:  Morse Code …  .–. . .-.. .-..  with a Morse Code guide hidden in the room.

4 Number Lock:  The note about the missing serpent will be included in this clue.

Dear Riverdale,

The Serpent of the Southside is mine.  The serpent’s power will die out and so will the serpents. After the serpent dies, three eagles will scream, five wolves will howl and thirty southsiders will die.

Try and Stop me!

The code 3530

3 Number Lock: 465 I plan on hiding a 4 6 5 in the room and color coding the letters. 4 is blue, 6 is Green and 5 is orange. I will also have a list of colors hidden in the room to help find the order. Blue, Green, Orange.

Key Lock: The key will be hidden in the room. It will be in the big box and the lock will be attached to the small box with the snake in it.

Directional Lock: (Up Down Right Left) I found a map of the Southside of Riverdale online and printed a list of locations Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, Fox Forest Park, Crystal Lake, Southside High School.

Final Thoughts: The teens really enjoyed this program and had a great time. I had a good number of teens. I had worried Riverdale was over with teens since the newer seasons have had less viewers.


  1. I have been a huge fan of the Riverdale show so I was really excited to know about an escape room based on its theme. I will see which of my friends would like to go with me.

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