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Here! Have Some Anime, by teen contributor Riley Jensen

I enjoy anime and often watch it with my friends. Here are some animes that I enjoy and want to watch that other teens may be interested in as well.

Ouran High School Host Club:

This anime is a lighthearted and playful anime. This is the kind of anime I watched after finishing a more dark anime just to get a few laughs. It follows the story of a girl who somehow ends up posing as a boy in a club where girls pay have guys flirt with them. It never failed to make me laugh.


This anime is really weird and kind of disturbing but I love it so much. It’s about a school where students earn their status by gambling and one day a new girl shows up and she begins to be targeted because of how well she gambles. There is a little bit of violence and some of the scenes are risque but the story is interesting.

Seven Deadly Sins:

This is one of the first animes I watched. I have yet to finish all of it because it is pretty long but I’ve watched a good chunk of it and it’s very fun. It’s a fantasy anime about the seven deadly sins going around a fighting basically. The story is extremely good and it has some of my favorite characters.

Blue Exorcist:

This is another anime that I have not finished but I really want to. This anime is about the devil’s son who goes around killing monsters because he’s not super excited about being related to Satan. Obviously there is violence in the anime because he kills monsters but there isn’t really anything risque. Also, it’s not too long. It’s only 25 episodes so it’s nice if you want something quick.

Madoka Magica:

I haven’t watched this anime but it’s the one that I want to watch next just because of how twisted I’ve heard it is. When looking at the cover picture and the characters it looks like a really cutesy anime about witches but if you go look at what people have said about it it’s far from that. Apparently this anime is extremely dark which makes it all the more interesting because I really don’t know how this seemingly cute anime could be so dark.

Also, all of these can be found on Netflix if you want to watch them along with many others. These are just some of the ones that I have watched or want to watch.


  1. Carrie F. says:

    Thank you for these great suggestions, Riley! Anime and manga are both very popular with our YA patrons, and I will add these to my suggestion list for them. Also, I appreciate you mentioning these can all be found on Netflix.

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