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Murder Books, by teen contributor Riley Jensen

I hope to pursue a career in forensics, so it only makes sense that I read nonfiction books about how forensics has developed and the many parts of it. I haven’t read all of the books that will be listed, but they are about forensics.

Blood, Bullets, and Bones by Bridget Heos

I have read a good portion of this book, mostly the section about poison testing. This book is about the development of forensic science. In each chapter it starts by talking about how certain things were done before modern technology and then how it changed as we gained more knowledge.

Serial Killers and Psychopaths by Charlotte Greig and John Marlowe

This is another book that I’ve read the majority of. This book is easy to skip around in since it’s a collection of multiple cases. It’s divided into the type of murder that was committed so you can look specifically at the people who were mass murderers or people who were considered the first killers. This book gives a good summary of the life of each killer and the crimes they committed.

The Forensic Casebook by N.E. Genge

I have read all of this book and I also annotated it. It gave a lot of very detailed information on multiple aspects of forensics. It gives information about everything from firearm evidence to forensic botany. This book is more about the actual process of each aspect of forensics instead of the development of them.

Here are some other books that I haven’t read about forensics:

And if you like reading fictional murder books, I like these authors: Christopher Golden (Body Bags series), April Henry, and Maureen Johnson.

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