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Morgan’s Mumbles: Preparing for Online Classes, by teen contributor Morgan Randall

I am an incoming freshman, and recently all my classes were moved to online, and in order to keep track of everything here are a few things I am doing starting my fall semester.

  1. Set up a work area

Make sure you have an area that consistently is your place to work, make calls, and take notes. This will allow you to have a place-specific from work, separate from your rest area.

  1. Put all your classes on a schedule

Write each of your classes out on the schedule, for every day so you know when to be on what call (or if you are in person what building and room to be in). This will allow you to allot time to other activities.

  1. Plan for study times for each class

While you are writing down your classes on your schedule make sure you also plan to study for each of your classes to guarantee you set aside time to study.

  1. Read the syllabi before class

Most professors will upload their syllabus prior to class, even though you will cover it during class the first week make sure you read it ahead of time so you are prepared for the year and write down any questions you have.

  1. Write down your grade breakdown

In your syllabus, your teachers should break down how the course will be graded. It should tell you how many points each assignment is worth, or the percentage it counts towards in your final grade. Make sure you write this down so it’s easy to refer back to.

  1. Know all major assignments

Once again, in your syllabus, you should find each of your assignments listed out. Make sure you understand the major ones, and have the due dates written down.

  1. Buy textbooks/any subscriptions you need prior to class

In the syllabus, necessary textbooks, and any subscriptions that you may need for the course, make sure you invest in these (they can be used or rented) but some courses require you have them as soon as classes start.

  1. Know how to contact your professor and TA

There should be some sort of way to contact them, including office hours and email addresses. Write these in the notebook that you can easily refer back to.

  1. Know any class-specific rules

This may include grace periods for assignments, and when to contact the professor about grades, or any other unique thing that the teacher requires. Make sure you are aware of these, so you can know the expectations of the class.

  1. In your schedule include tests/quizzes

Your syllabus should include dates of tests and quizzes, make sure you have these marked in your calendar so you are prepared for them.

Morgan RandallTeen Contributor

Morgan recently graduated high school and is currently enrolled to attend college in the fall getting her BA in Theatre and Dance with an emphasis on Design and Technology. She loves theatre, writing, reading, and learning. But something that has always been important to her is being a voice for those who feel like they don’t have one, and being a catalyst for change in any way possible.


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    I think these suggestions for time management and organization with school will show helpful.

  2. I thing many people are inspired by this story.

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    I think this is very helpful.

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