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Facts Can be Fun: Middle Grade and Teen Nonfiction Series

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite nonfiction series for middle grade students and teens as part of our #FactsMatter series. So let’s dive in . . .

History Smashers by Kate Messner

Much of what we know about history has been white washed and watered down. Prolific middle grade author Kate Messner has started a new, engaging nonfiction series for readers to help present a more factual look at the past in a fun and informative way.

Basher Basics

The Basher Basics series is a very quick reference series that is very accessible to those who are trying to dive into a new subject in a safe, fun way. It’s very small, bite size information presented in a fun format. The title on the periodic table is particularly useful.

Who Was . . . ?

The Who Was (also What Was and Who Is) series introduces younger nonfiction fans to a variety of historical figures and events. It’s incredibly popular and another great introduction. It’s even great for teens and adults who want to learn about a topic but don’t want to read a 1,000 page esoteric biography.

Enviro Infographics

With the Pacific Northwest melting into the ground and the ocean on fire, a lot of us are talking about Climate Change. In fact, I think a lot of adults don’t understand how much of a emotional burden Climate Change is on our young people. This series uses infographics to help put the discussion into perspective for all. I love infographics because I think they help us conceptualize facts, figures and data into ways that our brains can understand. If you like infographics, author Steve Jenkins also has some great titles on data about the Earth and animals in infographics form.

One Big Fat Notebook

I just don’t have these in the library, I personally own several and have used the math one frequently to look up how to do various types of problems to help Thing 2 with her math homework. They are really great overviews of topics and easy to use and understand. I recommend them to everyone, including every friend who says they have a hard time helping their kid with their math homework.

Barron’s Painless

Have an older student? You might need to move up to the Barron’s Painless series for homework help. Or better yet, have both this and the One Big Fat Notebook together to help tackle Chemistry and Physics.

Pocket Change Collective

The Pocket Change Collective is a series that looks at social issues from modern day activists. They cover topics of interest to a lot of teens in a very engaging format.

I’m always looking for new nonfiction series for my readers, so if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments. Let’s get some good information on our shelves for readers who are trying to figure out how to navigate the issues they keep hearing about in the news or are experiencing in their lives.


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