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My Top Ten Programs, by Teen Librarian Cindy Shutts

10.  Mini Book Charms

I recently did a Shadow and Bone Mini books and it was a hit.This is a more expensive craft, but it is super fun and the teens love it.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Shadow and Bone Mini Book Charms: Take and Make, by Teen Librarian Cindy Shutts

9. No Sew Unicorn Pillow

This is a more expensive craft, but if you use coupons it can make it much more affordable. I always try to shop for materials when things are one sale. The Unicorn was just so much fun.

Cindy Crushes Programming: DIY No Sew Unicorn Pillow

8. Geode Bath Bomb

This was a craft that filled up so fast. It was really popular. It does take a lot of prep work. That makes the results perfect.

Cindy Crushes Programming: DIY Galaxy Geode Bath Bombs

7. Virtual Animal Crossing Programming

We loved playing Animal Crossing with our teens. We were able to have so much fun. We  had to learn some technical issues, but it was worth it.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Animal Crossing and the Virtual Library, by Cindy Shutts

6. D and D Virtually

I had never run D and D by myself before the pandemic. I had played and assisted, but taking over as DM was a challenge. I really enjoy the storytelling. I found out our group loves pets, so we involved pets in the story as much as possible.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Running a Virtual Dungeons and Dragons Program

Cindy Crushes Programming: 10 Tips for Using Roll20, by Teen Librarian Cindy Shutts

5. The Price Is Right

I ended up doing this program over Zoom and it was super popular. Registration was full. It was a fun game that made teens feel good. We used school supplies as the prize  since we know teens can always use them.

Cindy Crushes Programming: DIY Price is Right Game, by Cindy Shutts

4. Fan Parties

I have done fan parties for so many fandoms. Divergent, Hunger Games, Fortnight, and so many more. This is a great way to grab a teens interest. I love to have crafts, trivia  and even debate during my fandom parties. This is such an enjoyable program.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Hosting a Riverdale Fan Party

3. Lighted Jars

Lighted Jars are so easy to do if you have a cameo or cricut machine. You just print out the shape you need and you are ready to go. I love using bookish themes.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Light the Night with Fandom Themed Fairy Jars

2. Nailed It

Nailed It  is such a great show. It is even more fun as a library program, I love the completion and like having a loser winner and winner winner. Everyone has such a great time and you see patrons really use their creativity skills when crafting.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Nailed It!

1. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Rooms I  love because of the ease for patrons to use. It does take a lot of time to make them but we have had very high usage numbers for the programs. We always get great  feedback when we put one  out. Parents love to do them too. A teen does not have to be somewhere  or online at a certain time. They can use the link at any time and it makes it so easy for them to do the program. Here is a link to the ones we have made so far. http://whiteoaklibrary.org/teen-promotional-events-two

Cindy Crushes Programming: How to Make a Digital Escape Room, by Teen Librarian Cindy Shutts

Cindy Shutts, MLIS

Cindy is passionate about teen services. She loves dogs, pro-wrestling, Fairy tales, mythology, and of course reading. Her favorite books are The Hate U Give, Catching FIre, The Royals, and everything by Cindy Pon. She loves spending times with her dog Harry Winston and her niece and nephew. Cindy Shutts is the Teen Services Librarian at the White Oak Library District in IL and she’ll be joining us to talk about teen programming. You can follow her on Twitter at @cindysku.

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