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Sunday Reflections: On the Launch, sending your child to college and letting them be themselves – a guest post by Amianne Bailey

When Riley was in the 3rd grade, she joined a Girl Scout Troop for a year. Though she didn’t like being a Girl Scout, she met and became best friends with a young girl named Landry. Landry is amazing and we love her.

The two of them recently graduated together and their friendship has been a blessing. Landry is the daughter of an amazing high school librarian, Amianne Bailey. These two girls have a lot in common: readers, daughters of teen librarians . . . and they both struggle with anxiety. Like Riley, Landry has chosen to be open about her struggles in order to help raise awareness and decrease stigma. With Landry’s permission, Amianne recently wrote an essay about raising a child with anxiety and getting ready to send that child to college.

This is a powerful and important essay and I hope you will read it so today we are doing Sunday Reflections a bit differently and I am asking you to please read this post . . .

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