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TLT Turns 10: Thing 2’s Top 10 Favorite Graphic Novels

As you know, my 12-year-old, sometimes called Scout and sometimes called Thing 2 (neither of which are her real name), has dyslexia. She has bravely chosen to talk openly about it here and in her life to raise awareness and because she doesn’t want to feel shame and thinks that no one else should. 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, and she just happens to be one of them. So she doesn’t love reading, but she has recently developed a fondness for graphic novels. She has shared her thoughts on them over the last few years and today she wants to share her Top 10 for the 10 year anniversary of TLT. Like a lot of people with dyslexia, she also doesn’t love writing either, so we have created this gallery for you without comment. I will tell you as a youth services librarian, middle grade graphic novels are hugely popular and the titles on this list are all great choices and not just popular with my tween/teen, but a lot of them. To learn more about dyslexia and to read Scout’s story, visit our Dyslexia Dashboard here at TLT.

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