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TLT TURNS TEN: Ten peeks into my office

Not much “fun” has come out of the pandemic times, but one fun thing, for me, has been being able to peek into people’s offices, libraries, and other work spaces on Zoom calls or virtual book launches and panels. If I had to make a list of my favorite activities, eavesdropping and spying would make the top ten. Getting to see in spaces we otherwise likely would not see is fun. And the more I saw people working and presenting from home, the more I wanted to see everyone’s setups. So here are a few pictures of where I spend my time working on TLT stuff. Most of our home is very minimalist, but my office is a playland full of toys and fun.

The nosy Gladys Kravitz in me wants to see your workspaces, too! So share with me!

I basically spent a year and a half seated here, doing stuff for TLT and SLJ, writing, facilitating distance learning, and endlessly scrolling Twitter.

You are never too old to really, really love toys.

How I keep my TLT TBR list organized. Incoming book mail gets tweeted and blogged about, flipped through, sorted in piles, and eventually all given away.

There are many SAY ANYTHING things scattered throughout my office. Best movie ever.

Told you.

Poster of Minnesota independent bookstores and a Good Boy Squad tote bag at the ready. Oh, and a little hat for my dogs to have to wear if they’re celebrating something.

A favorite toy in my office.

My dachshund-based art work created by me, grade kindergarten, and my grandma, who was a third grade teacher (and who was actually my husband’s third grade teacher!).

Notebook hoarding area.

Every second I’m in my office, I’m kept company by Oscar, the weird space goblin all crashed out, and Edward, a regal old dachshund.

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