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Take 5: 5 Marathon-able Comic Movies and Some I’m Drooling For

HI, my name is Christie, I am a total geek, and I love everything comic and sci fi.
Hi, Christie.
So, the current bonanza of movies is particularly marvelous for me because I get to engage my habit of going to the movies (seriously draining my bank account, by the way, but it’s for the BLOG, so it should be a business expense, right?) and completely getting my geek on. If I could only find people around here who would DRESS UP (no one currently will) to go to the now 10:30 releases, my life would be complete.
Well, that and share my love for movies with teens, but that is what teen programs are for, right? My teens seem to enjoy that I get excited over movies and comic trivia, that I can talk with them on end on the movies coming out (we’re all SERIOUSLY debating how AH-NOLD is going to be the Terminator and WHY they’re splitting Mockingjay into two movies). So, in keeping with sharing the love for comics this week, I give you my Top 5 favorite  marathon watching (put it on repeat over and over and over again) comic based movies (so far) and some of the ones I’m looking forward to….

I am an ADDICT of Tim Burton. I love pretty much everything he’s ever done (we won’t talk about the Planet of the Apes thing) and I really liked his duology of Batman movies. Especially with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.


Extremely loosely based on the comic, but still amazingly awesome that I quote it often, I love Mystery Men. You have these super-zeros with weird powers (if they are powers) and they save the city. How often does that happen.

I liked Iron Man, but I have a hard time going through the war and torture scenes when he’s imprisoned, and Tony is a complete ass in that one. I mourn the loss of Terrence Howard as Rhody, because he would have been an excellent Iron Patriot, but I think that Iron Man 2 is much better than Iron Man. We also start to see the building of the network that is S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Coulson’s famous words:

Scott Pilgrim is where I got introduced to Michael Cera, and now I cannot unsee him as Scott. Probably bad, I know, but then again, he faced off SUPERMAN (Evil Ex #3) and Captain America/Human Torch (Evil Ex #4). And really, Wallace makes the entire movie.

Thor technically was a bust in the Marvel cannon, did you know that? Not as bad as Ang Lee’s Hulk, but people didn’t like the fact that the language was “old” and the way they were telling the story was “old” and everything was “ancient”. Um, get over it people. It was beautiful, and spellbinding, and an epic. Plus, no Thor gets you no Avengers or the rest of the movies. Go see if you can find the glove and the rest of the gems that are rumored to be part of the plot for the upcoming cannons.

So what am I looking forward to this year?
This one That Guy won’t go with me (too much violence/horror) so the teens have graciously volunteered to take me for my birthday. I’m excited about it; anything is better than the one that laid eggs, literally and figuratively.

I want to see how they’re going to pool it all together. I know the controversy regarding everything, I know that they’re probably only going to have cameos from the ‘future’ cast, but I really want to go see it. And I have a little crush on some of the cast members. However, the fact that X-Men has a Quicksilver and Avengers 2 has a Quicksilver, and they aren’t the SAME Quicksilver is going to play with my head. A LOT.

This I am seeing MULTIPLE times, and no one can stop me. Summer reading will be OVER, and I may LIVE in the movie theater. I want to see how they do it, and how they put it all together, and how they PULL everything together. 
I have Hooked on a Feeling as my ringtone.

This one hasn’t been on anyone’s radar that I know of, but I want to see where it goes. Called Big Hero 6, it’s a mashup of Disney and Marvel (Marvel owns Big Hero 6, while Disney is doing the animation), and while there is right now is a teaser trailer, I want to see how it goes….

What are you excited for? Share in the comments!


It’s no secret that I adore book based movies. (Really, who doesn’t?) I’ve gone opening night to both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and I saw Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I really liked Beautiful Creatures (once I let go of the fact that it was based on the book). I’ve seen both Percy Jackson movies (I like the second better than the first, and will admit that I read the series AFTER the movies). I yelled in theaters at some of the changes they did to the Harry Potter movies. I did miss Vampire Academy, but that was more my schedule than anything else.

And I love hearing that a book is being picked up for a movie, so when they’re picked up BEFORE they’re even released, it’s even better! And we at Teen Librarian Toolbox are sharing our excitement with you! I have ARCs of TWO books that have been optioned to Hollywood, and you get your chance to win them before SCRIPTS are even made.

Are you ready?

SO, to win, mention in the COMMENTS your FAVORITE book based movie and WHY, along with a contact (email or twitter address). One winner will be randomly selected to receive BOTH ARCs. Giveaway ends Saturday, April 5 (International Tabletop Gaming Day, BTW).